By Bryan Goh

Les Symboles de Chanel Explores the Trifecta of Good Luck

Manifest the most beautiful glow with an equally beautiful product.
There Is Superstition With Les Symboles de Chanel
Photo Credit: Chanel

There is often a longing in the industry that one day, we’ll get to experience a product that fulfils the three points of the beauty Bermuda Triangle—a highlighting powder that leaves a truly natural glow, has a formula that never highlights pores and texture instead, and lastly has to look desirable. Desirable, in a social-media friendly and you’ll-hit-pan-quickly-before-you-know-it kind of way.

Ladies, these superstitions are right as Chanel has now laid the cards out with Les Symboles de Chanel—three sophisticated shades that come emblazoned with Mademoiselle Chanel’s symbols for good luck.

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A manifestation of Chanel’s personal superstitions when it comes to symbols, the Makeup Creation Studio has reimagined five of them into three highlighters for the Les Symboles de Chanel collection—Warm Gold that mimics the brightness of sunlight and the flattering glow of candlelight, Precious Coral which lends a perky touch of radiance to wake tired skin up, and Pearly White for an extra dewy finish to the cheekbones no matter your shade.

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Use them as a way to create strategically placed bursts of light on the face or as a method to softly contour your mien. The manifestations you can produce for your makeup are endless with each of these powders that have a soft, almost creamy-like texture melts into the face (pro tip: that’s another way to test if a powder will look natural) but as another superstition goes: beauty waits for no one so make sure you’re making your way down to purchase it ASAP before it flies off physical and digital shelves.

This article first appeared on GRAZIA Singapore.