Love on the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin with Scha Alyahya

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Armani beauty has done their magic once again. Gone are the days of having to choose between colour, comfort, and longevity—now, you don’t have to forsake one for the other with the arrival of the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin.

This is not your typical lipstick launch. In fact, the lab has gone above and beyond to formulate a texture that is now patented in eight countries, which sees a breakthrough double-gel technology that marries the durability and opacity of a liquid lipstick and the comfort and convenience of a traditional lipstick. Within this exclusive satin texture are high-impact skincare actives that deliver a shot of enduring moisture and saturated colour. If you’ve been looking for something to bridge the gap between your favourite liquid lipstick and lip salve, this is the technology you’ve been waiting for.

Housed in a luxe frosted tube, the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin formula mirrors the philosophy of skincare, resulting in Armani beauty’s most hydrating lip formula. And just like any good skincare formulators, the team at the Armani beauty lab takes a closer look into the anatomy of the lips to gain a deeper understanding of its needs. With a thinner dermis and no sebaceous glands, it is clear that it will take some intense moisture for lipstick to remain comfortable throughout the day.

The care factor isn’t all that makes the lipstick what it is. True to its fashion roots, the Lip Maestro Satin does not spare a single ounce of pigmentation to deliver maximum impact. In collaboration with the House’s International Make-Up Artist Linda Cantello—who is known for her backstage prowess—Armani beauty has concocted a 13-shade-strong palette. In ranges of pinks, reds, oranges, plums, and beiges, you will definitely have the perfect shade to swipe on for almost any occasion, and then some more.

To seal the deal, the Armani beauty lab has one final effect to ace: lasting power. Sure, a lipstick may be an item everyone has ready in their purses, but nobody wants a lipstick that doesn’t stay. To achieve this, the double-gel formula captures within it a resin polymer that translates into a film of colour. Silicones in the unique formula, on the other hand, prevent water loss, further defending the formula from wearing away.

With all of the facets of a lip colour product reinforced, the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin has categorically set a new bar for the conception of future lip wear.

See Scha Alyahya getting dolled up on camera and behind the scenes with the new lipstick.



CREATIVE DIRECTION Najihah Rashid, PohNee Chin

ART DIRECTION Shane Rohaizad

STYLING Sarah Chong

MAKEUP Khir Khalid

HAIR Keith Ong

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