By Gladys Ng

7 Effortless Hairstyles That Jihyo’s Been Rocking

From pigtails to beachy waves, you would not need to think twice about these looks.

The leader of the popular K-pop girl group TWICE, has sported various hairstyles throughout her career, showcasing her versatility and ability to pull off diverse looks. From her iconic short hair to long, flowing locks, Jihyo’s hairstyles have been a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

From bold ombré hues to space buns and intricate braids, she has embraced various trends and styles. Her willingness to try new looks has kept her hairstyles fresh and exciting, cementing her status as a fashion icon in the K-pop industry.

Whether rocking a short, edgy cut or long, flowing tresses, Jihyo’s hairstyles have consistently captured the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, solidifying her as a trendsetter in the world of K-pop.

Korean Half-up Ponytail

Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

Not just any ordinary half-up ponytail, the Korean half-up ponytail is the most flattering hairdo to shape soft features. Twice leader Jihyo often dons the hairstyle with her airy side bangs and loose curls for a more feminine and demure look for cozy days.

Beachy Waves

Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

Too cool for the summer, beachy waves are definitely in. Perfect for any occasion, Jihyo sports the most effortlessly long curls with some face-framing pieces on her casual night outs with her friends. She is the cool girl of 2024.

Low Sleek Ponytail

Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

Slicked hair and a low ponytail might just be the best combo for a date night out at a classy bar with dim lights. Absolutely love how Jihyo pairs the classic hairstyle with an all-black outfit for the ultimate chicness which also channels fierceness.

Double Braided Pigtails

Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

Her most recent Instagram update shows her backstage at their Oiishi Philippines fanmeet in a cute updo. The double-braided pigtails give a little more edge and cuteness to the classic style of braids. The hairstyle definitely gives a contrast to her convert outfit of a white jersey top and red mini skirt, paired with black patent Mary Janes and white frilly socks.

Messy Bun

Jihyo hairstyle, best of jihyo hairstyle
Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

Captured during summer on her off days, this is definitely the ultimate girl next door look. Perfect for casual warm days, Jihyo is always seen in a high messy bun on her Instagram. She pairs the white frilly top with baggy jeans, inspiring her fans to be comfortable.

Straight & Sleek

Jihyo hairstyle
Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

This might just be one of Jihyo’s most simple yet sophisticated looks. Paired with a dark toned blazer, it definitely screams girl boss. The red patent bag contrasts her business casual dinner outfit, sporting a natural rosy lip. Sleek, straight, dark haired Jihyo has got to be my favorite. 

Double Buns

Jihyo hairstyle
Photo: Instagram / @_zyozyo

The revival of the double buns, better known as Space Buns, were the peak of Tumblr back in the early 2010s. Styled with some black satin bows and ribbons that is very coquette core, it gives Jihyo a more sophisticated and yet youthful appearance.

The Long Braid

Jihyo hairstyle

A classic look that is zero effort, accompanied with her airy bangs is seen on Jihyo for both her performance and casual looks. She contrasts the youthful hairstyle with an elegant velvet black halter dress with a red rose as a center piece.

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