By Rebecca Cope

Meet the Other Hadid Sisters

Nope, it's not just Gigi and Bella.

The Hadid sisters have been around for nearly an entire decade by now. First there was Gigi, then came Bella, and once he started dating global pop star Dua Lipa, their younger brother Anwar became pretty well known too.

But just when you thought you had a handle on all the Hadid siblings, we give you two more: Alana and Marielle. That’s right, there are two more Hadid sisters with style, sass and social media accounts for you to become obsessed with…

The older half-sisters are the product of father Mohamed Hadid’s first marriage to Mary Butler, which ended in 1992. In 1994 the Palestinian businessman met Dutch model Yolanda van der Heik, with their union resulting in the younger Hadid children, Gigi, Bella and Anwar. The good looking siblings all share the same gene pool and modelling prowess, as well as an interest in fashion.

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But enough about them. Here’s the lowdown on what we know about the less famous Hadids…

Marielle Hadid

The eldest, Marielle, is a mother of two (her super sweet son and daughter make frequent appearances on Gigi’s Instagram account – remember when they formed a little band?) and launched an eyewear brand, called, fittingly Hadid Eyewear. Like all members of the Hadid squad, she’s very funny on social media and she’s definitely perfected her selfie face…

How old is Marielle Hadid?

Marielle is the eldest Hadid sibling at 42 years old. Gigi attended her birthday party last year.

Who are her parents?

Aren’t you keeping up? Marielle is the first child of Mohammed Hadid and his first wife Mary Butler. The couple sadly split in 1992.

When is her birthday?

Her birthday is 7 September, 1980 and she was born in Washington, DC (we know, miles away from her younger siblings’ Californian existence). She’s also a Virgo, if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.

How many children does Marielle have?

She has two kids – Coco and Colton.

Alana Hadid

Alana is the younger of the two and works as a fashion designer in New York. She’s collaborated with Lou & Grey in the past and created fun emoji-laden tees for the Current Moji brand. Another pro poser (we get serious inspiration from her Insta posts) she’s also got a killer wardrobe, with a penchant for metallics, tailoring and some seriously good slogan tees – she’s described herself as having the most ‘androgynous’ style of the siblings.

How old is Alana Hadid?

The elder sister of Gigi, Bella and Anwar is 38 years old.

When’s her birthday?

She was born on 27 July, 1985. Again, in Washington, DC.

But the best bit about both Hadids? Their relentless support of their younger siblings – there’s no room for sibling rivalry here.