These Korean Celebs Had the Best Airport Fashion in 2023

Soar in style.

There’s something “real” about airport fashion, and South Korean celebrities have really made the bar higher in the past few years. Often seen as style inspo, airport fashion gained popularity in the mid-2000s (Hallyu 2.0) and has since become a way for celebs to showcase their personal style off-stage, without a stylist and theme to adhere to.

Yes, the on-stage costumes and red carpets are where many Korean celebrities and K-pop idols would dress to the nines, but their airport looks have been an inspiration for many of us mainly because the looks are comparably comfortable and wearable, making them easier for fans to replicate. It’s gotten to a point where strutting through the terminal earned them equally, if not more, flashlights than walking down the red carpets.

Like some of us, these celebrities could be following trends. Just look at how LE SSERAFFIM member Huh Yunjin rocked a pair of red stockings and a pair of red Mary Janes from Carel that went viral on TikTok, or how Kim Do Yeon stays firm with the classics, wearing a white tee and blue jeans. Want to get your hands on the exact same thing they’re wearing? Look for style accounts that will list nearly everything; some even with prices listed.

Below, we list our favourite Korean celeb airport fashion of 2023 that need to be immortalised.