By Shifali Jain

Who is the Dubai Bling’s Reality Star, Danya Mohammed?

Everything you need to know about the reality star.
Danya Mohammed Dubai Bling
Photo: @thedivadee Instagram

You’ll all know Dubai Bling star Danya Mohammed for her unique approach to fashion and perhaps a feud with a certain co-star on season one of the hit show. Yet, she is much more than meets the eye. Underneath the ‘bling’ exterior, Danya unveils her soft personality, a passion for learning and a deep affection for those she holds dear.

Who is Danya Mohammed?

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, the Emirati reality star had a close relationship with her father growing up, who instilled many values and morals in her from a young age, but also gave her a lot of independence.

“Although I’m an Emirati woman, my dad gave me a lot of freedom, but he also taught me how to pray and how to read the Quran, taught me about our religion and morals and values,” she recalled in an interview with Hikmet Wehbi. She expressed a sense of gratitude towards her parents for being able to experience the “best of both worlds”.

A thing that her parents always stressed on was the importance of education and Danya at one point even had dreams of being a doctor. Regardless, she now holds a  master’s degree while and hopes to pursue a PhD. “When I was pregnant with my first child Zayed, I studied for my Master’s and I graduated from my master’s programme when he was just four months old. Inshallah, I will now pursue my postdoc and do a PhD in Sustainability,” she stated.

Dj Bliss And Danya Mohammed
Photo: @thedivadee Instagram

Danya and Her Husband DJ Bliss

Danya is married to Marwan Al Awadhi, known as DJ Bliss, who is a fellow Dubai Bling star. The pair met through mutual friends and the DJ was quickly enamoured with Danya who approached the topic of marriage very early on.

“When he wanted to marry me, he said, ‘If I want to marry you, what do I need to do?’” she recalled in the podcast interview. Although she didn’t think he was serious at the time she proceeded to ask that her parents be called, in order to move forward in a traditional manner.

She goes on to add that following her parents’ wishes to complete her education, she married the famed DJ when she was 24. “I wanted to stand on my own feet, have my own house and my own family. So, I was ready to move out of my parents’  house at 24 anyway,” she explained.

Danya’s Career

In addition to being a hit on the show amongst millions, Danya also has multiple ventures and occupations she pursues. She runs a successful YouTube account with over 120,000 subscribers and nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok who follow her journey by reviewing salons, and luxury hauls and interviewing notable personalities in the region.

Besides managing successful social media pages, she also dives into her entrepreneurial skills for her many business ventures. She currently runs a successful street cap brand BYD and an event organisation firm, The Bicnic. More recently, Danya followed in the footsteps of her best friend Ebraheem Al Samadi and opened a new café, The Besties Café located in Al Seef.

besties cafe al seef dubai bling
Photo: @findbesties Instagram

On season 2 of the viral Netflix show, Dubai Blingthe star unveils the launch of her new venture DeesignS, a shoe brand that features a double heel rather than the standard single heel. Danya has explicitly showcased her daredevil side when it comes to fashion by experimenting with a series of unconventional accessories.

Although we may not see much of Danya’s personal life on the show, we do know she is making big moves behind the scenes.

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