By Ruth Yizengaw

Dubai Bling Season 2: The Best Fashion Looks from Mona Kattan, Loujain Adada, and More

Always a statement.
Dubai Bling Season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

With Dubai Bling season 2 binge-watching in full swing, we can’t help but be mesmerised by the out-of-this-world extravagant fashion. From flamboyant gowns to animal print jumpsuits, the Netflix stars never shy away from making a statement.

While the season is filled with emotional homecomings, stunning weddings, and, of course, irresistible drama, the fashion also makes some noise.

We walk you through some of the most eye-catching fashion moments from the Dubai Bling stars’ outfits.


Dubai Bling Season 2 Loujain LJ Adada fashion outfits
Instagram @loujainaj

Barbiecore but make it sky blue, LJ takes getting dolled up to new heights. In a sequenced two-piece, she belts together a glamorous outfit with sparkle and fun. A tutu encapsulates her legs as she struts in nine-inch blue stilettos. Stunning in couture, LJ is wearing the Dubai-based designer Ali Karoui‘s work.


 Mona Kattan
Instagram @monakattan

Angelic yet extravagant Mona’s ensembles always match her sweet and creative personality. Here, she wears a white silt dress under a floor-length sheer feather overlay. Pairing the ensemble with a bedazzled purse and the three-motif Van Cleef & Arpels earrings. As we see her explore new business ventures, the new Dubai Bling star’s fashion statements have flair and softness.


Animalistic print is making a bold comeback in Safa Siddiqui’s books. As she flaunts her “push present clips” a little nudge to her husband, she wows the audience with extravagant looks in each scene. In a head-to-toe (literally) jumpsuit she sneaks around her husband in this hilarious clip. Browned leaves pattern decks the heels and headpiece as she sneaks around her Indian jungle.


Dubai Bling Season 2
Instagram @farhanabodi

Who says elegance has anything to do with a muted colour palate, because it surely wasn’t Farhana. In a strapless metallic gold gown, she simply takes our breath away. She finishes the ensemble off with a gold twine that she wraps around her high ponytail. A jaw-dropper on all the dates she’ll be going on this season.


Ebraheem Al Samadi
Courtesy of Netflix

The newly-married man continues his trajectory of adamant flair in this ensemble. Ebraheem’s boldness isn’t only reserved for his serves and comments, it also shows up in his outfits. He wears a Dolce & Gabbana shirt that encompasses all the bold lines and colours a shirt can have. With gold details and vibrant colours, even Ebraheem’s casual fits have an eye-catching flair to them.


Dubai Bling Season 2 Lojain Omran fashion outfits
Instagram @lojain_omran

The amazing Lojain steps out in an outfit that is as dazzling as she is. Reconnecting people and loved ones isn’t the only thing she does, she also serves dashing looks that leave us in awe. In this mirror selfie, she wears a silver sequence gown that has glamorous dramatic fur lining on the sleeves, as she dangles her white Lady Dior in one hand.


Dubai Bling Season 2 Zeina Khoury fashion outfits
Instagram @thezeinakhoury

The Queen of Versace is still Versac-ing. Armed with a cat eye and larger-than-life diamond rings, she poses in a crystal-embellished blazer from none other than the beloved Italian fashion house.

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