By Dayna Yam

Jay Park Debuts OnlyFans Account To Promote New Upcoming Single “McNasty”

In a spicy move, Jay Park promotes his upcoming single "McNasty" by debuting an OnlyFans account.
Jay Park in a promotional image for his upcoming single McNasty. Photo: @JAYBUMAOM/X

To fans’ confusion (and maybe even delight), Jay Park has just debuted his OnlyFans account to promote his newest single McNasty. The single has dropped on 30 June, sometime last weekend.

While OnlyFans is a content subscription for creators, the platform is primarily used by sex workers, where followers can subscribe to lewd content. Hence, subscribers need to be above 18 to create an account.

The Korean-American rapper is known for his charisma, often tapping into his sensual energy. This may be an unsurprising marketing move made by Park. But starting an OnlyFans account as part of promotional efforts is one rare PR strategy.

Park shared a link to his OnlyFans profile on X (formally known as Twitter) on 25th June.

This sparked an uproar, accumulating numerous comments on his post both on X and Instagram. However, a few hours after the debut of his OnlyFans profile, he followed up with a post stating that his OnlyFans account was not on a ‘paid-subscription’ basis.

This meant that fans could subscribe to his content for free.

His OnlyFans profile has five posts, all of which promote his single McNasty. We would boldly assume that he will post more to gain traction for his latest single.

This story originally appeared on HallyuSG.