AI? It is Ubiquitous Nowadays. Here Are a Few Examples Saying Why

For sleeping, feeling better, or brewing a custom coffee: Fjona Cakalli tells us about the latest "real" applications of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

We find it everywhere: in TVs, in smartphone apps, in computers, in futuristic toys for our four-legged friends. Artificial intelligence isn’t just the trend of the moment and isn’t used everywhere just because companies want to flex their muscles. AI is there because it serves to personalize the experience and improve our lives.

Fjona Cakalli, digital entrepreneur, creator, and tech influencer (along with dozens of other creative definitions that can describe a person who lives off – and – in technology, telling it with unique charisma in any way possible), was at CES 2024, the world’s largest and most important electronics fair, and told us something more about the new futuristic gadgets based on artificial intelligence.

With a premise: at CES, you really see everything.


Will Robots Become “Common” Thanks to Artificial Intelligence?

Mirokai is an entire robotic “species” born to be altruistic and help humanity.

Sure, this is the somewhat romanticized version of the truth. The French startup Enchanted Tools has indeed decided to accompany their creation with a story that allows people to empathize with it.

But what is “it”Miroki is the first robot in a series that will have more or less the same characteristics: a cute face that makes it resemble a character from video games, the ability to move agilely in balance on a ball, visual contact with humans and the ability to answer their questions, and the transport of weights up to 3 kg.

To animate it, there is a lot of artificial intelligence, with the intention of turning it into a helper for hotels, hospitals, and businesses of all kinds.

But CES always has two souls: the futuristic one, which makes us dream, and the contemporary one, with innovations designed to help us right now.

AI Gadgets are Dedicated to Well-Being (but not only)

An increasingly important space is now occupied by everything that contributes to our well-being, 360°.

To this category belongs motionsleep, an anti-snoring system that has collected consensus and awards even before the start of CES.

The base is a pillow, the motionpillow, which inflates and deflates to move your head when you snore, to delicately interrupt you. It is accompanied by a system that detects noise and a ring that collects your parameters and then shows you, within an app, how you slept.

However, there are smart rings that live independently, like Evie. This smart ring is designed for women’s health and helps to keep track not only of how you sleep but also of the activity you do, the menstrual cycle, temperature changes, and much more.

Its open design allows it to adapt to the finger in any situation, while the material is scratch-resistant.

Also, Athana, a French startup, thinks of women. Its portable device is used to alleviate the hot flashes typical of menopause with cryotherapy. The operation is very simple: you turn it on, select the temperature between 5 and 10°C, and place it where needed.

Instead, from the United States comes the Macrowave by Revolution Cooking. Don’t be misled by the name, it’s actually a 3-in-1: microwave, oven, and air fryer. However, two other elements distinguish it: the first is the rapid heating system that allows it to be effective within a few seconds, and the second is a display that allows you to indicate what you want to cook, for how long, what the quantities are, and so on. The aim is to simplify cooking or heating operations, even for those who know nothing about cooking.

At CES, we also found a gem for coffee lovers: LG Duobo. It’s a coffee maker that doesn’t use just one pod but two at the same time, provided they are Nespresso, Starbucks, or Illy.

Through the app, you can mix the two types of coffee as you like, creating a new blend that can be perfect for your palate. Plus, you can choose the quantity and temperature of our espresso, following the process on the display inserted in the base or using the touch buttons without having to pull out the smartphone.

Unique in functionality but also in design: it looks like a lunar lander or a spaceship arrived from another planet.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.