Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival Right with These Best Mooncakes in Town

Decadence to the nth degree.

Sure, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a long way away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare early. You know what they say, a stitch in time saves nine. But let’s face it, we’re not only looking to cross this off the shopping list—we’re in it to win it. Read on to discover where you can get the best mooncakes in KL.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival lands on 29 September 2023. That gives you about a two-month head start to zero in on the best mooncakes to gift to your friends and family. This year, hotels across town as well as other gifting brands have outdone themselves with their glorious array of sweet and savoury decadence.

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From your classic flavours such as white lotus and red bean to more imaginative options like durian and matcha, check out how they all approach mooncakes this season. Did we mention that you also have the choice to truly up the ante? Elegant packagings are available from every option here, so you don’t have to fuss about making an impression—they have got you covered.

Bookmark this page too, as we continue to update the story with more mooncakes as they become available.

All the Best Mooncakes in KL to Feast On at Your 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Mandarin Oriental

best Mooncakes in KL, mid-autumn festival 2023, mandari oriental kuala lumpur, Lai Po Heen

Crowned as the city’s most coveted mooncakes, Mandarin Oriental’s offerings always make the cut. Coming out of the kitchens of Lai Po Heen, we spotlight the most decadent option here: the Golden Moon. Made with edible gold, the Golden Moon is available in two timeless flavours—lotus paste with single egg yolk and pandan paste with single egg yolk.

They also have halal-certified options that come in the same delicious flavours, as well as mixed nuts. For fans of snow-skin mooncakes, the hotel has arrived with Musang King durian, matcha cream cheese with Oreo cookies, and Pandan Lotus Paste flavours to satiate your cravings.

If you’re looking for more exciting flavours, Executive Pastry Chef Kevin Pannier has just what you need. This year, be on the lookout for creations like Dulcey Chocolate with raspberry and peanuts, mango vanilla, and the crowd-pleaser: Malaysian dark chocolate ganache.

Purchases made before 31 July 2023 are entitled to a 15% early bird discount.

Prices start at MYR40. Get yours here.

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

best Mooncakes in KL, mid-autumn festival 2023, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

The talented crew at Yun House are really set on making an impression for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. As one of our top options for mooncakes in KL, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur unveils these delectable selections on top of your usual suspects: Pu Er tangerine with lotus.

As for the hotel’s snow skin mooncakes, you can expect bird’s nest with black sesame and almond, and chocolate lotus paste with Himalayan salt and egg yolk custard to be in the mix of their fabulous and indulgent choices.

On top of that, the gift boxes are treasures in and of themselves. For Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur has partnered with C. N. Liew, a renowned Hong Kong-based Malaysian painter and calligrapher, to create bespoke limited edition gift boxes. The designs featured originate from his Beyond the Border series.

Prices start at MYR42 per piece, and RM336 per gift box. Get yours here.

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

This year’s collection at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is one for the books. Capturing the true meaning of family bonds, the mooncakes take inspiration from the enchanting realm of florals in Asia to symbolise all the different forms of family ties.

Adding a twist to an all-time classic, you will find the typical red bean mooncake accented with the tanginess of 30-year-old dried tangerine skin. If you want luxury in every bite, check out the summer black truffle lotus seed paste with single yolk mooncake to experience the earthy aroma.

Amidst all the options, the ones that stood out from the rest are the bamboo charcoal skin with pandan lotus paste and single yolk, and the Shangri-La Tie Guan Yin tea lotus seed paste with single yolk mooncake. Snow skin mooncakes are also waiting for you, in the form of the Ping Pei gift box.

Purchases made before 10 August 2023 are entitled to a 15% early bird discount.

Prices start at MYR163 per box. Get yours here.

W Kuala Lumpur

best Mooncakes in KL, mid-autumn festival 2023, w kuala lumpur

Dubbed the Moonlit Mirage Mooncake Collection, W Kuala Lumpur’s collection takes inspiration from the world of fashion and design. With two colour options to choose from (Iconic Blue and Enigmatic Purple), you have a chance to create your own gift box and choose your preferred flavours of mooncakes.

With eight flavours to choose from, pick four to curate your own box. We suggest getting the jasmine with red dates, puer with lychee, sea salt chocolate, and the red bean with tangerine peel to make the special occasion even more delightful.

Bonus points if you know an aspiring mixologist—W Kuala Lumpur is also offering the Moonlit Mirage Mixology Kit, which includes one bottle of Roku Gin, mixers, and more. Of course, this also includes two mooncakes.

Purchases made before 31 July 2023 are entitled to a 25% early bird discount.

Prices start at MYR45 per piece, and MYR268 per box. Get yours here.

The RuMa Hotel and Residences

It seems like The RuMa Hotel and Residences is very decisive when it comes to the Mid-Autumn festivities. Instead of giving you multiple options, they have made it simple for you by narrowing down the best of the best in their books. If you often find yourself hemming and hawing way too long, then this is the one for you.

Housed in an elite wooden case, two mooncakes sit snugly, awaiting your enjoyment. As timeless as the packaging, you will find two staple flavours here: one lotus paste with double egg yolk and one red bean paste.

Prices start at MYR128 per box. Get yours here.

Wishful Curated Gifting

Mooncakes in KL, wishful curated gifting

Aiming to go all out when searching for mooncakes in KL? Then check out Wishful Curated Gifting’s Exquisite Moonlit collection, which features gift sets tailored for everyone’s Mid-Autumn Festival needs. In total, the brand has nine gift sets for you to choose from, so be sure to peruse the curation well before making a decision.

On top of the mooncakes that are at the centre of the gift boxes, you will also find other festival accoutrements such as tea sets, lanterns, as well as exclusive alcoholic beverage to complete anyone’s celebration.

Purchases made before 15 August 2023 are entitled to an early bird discount.

Prices start at MYR108. Get yours here.