By Emma Vidgen

Unlock Your Horoscope February 12–18: Stay Chill and Plot Your Next Move Three Steps Ahead!

Still energised after last weekend’s electrifying lunation? Well, things are about to get really interesting as we feel a big push to take action, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Mid-week is the moment to watch, as Mars moves out of Capricorn (where it’s been since 5 January) and into Aquarius. That shift is usually pretty palpable as our motivation shifts from “getting it done” to “how will I get it done now… and in 5 years’ time?”

But this week, that shift from practical, material momentum to heady, strategic analysis is amplified (thanks Pluto!). That realisation you had or heard last week bubbles back up to the surface as you’re compelled to take action.

It’s intense energy. If you’re feeling unsure about whether your grand plan is a good idea, move slowly. From a macro perspective, keep your eyes on the news for some hectic power plays mid-week.

Later in the week, Venus follows suit into Aquarius. The result? An airy detachment, ideal for making strategic alliances, or stepping back from situations that feel a little, too much. If in doubt, ask yourself what the best course of action is for your long-term goals; one eye on the future.

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If you’re still trying to rinse the after taste of last week’s truth serum out of your mouth, consider this: it might be lingering for a reason. As the moon moves through your home sign mid-week, the urge to cut the cord with someone will be huge. Hold fire and think it through before you shoot the messenger. Just because it’s hard to hear doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


You’ve got a very clear choice this week: do you want to pick a side, or stay on the sidelines? With major action unfolding at work – especially with your manager or more senior colleagues – playing Switzerland may very well be your safest option. By Friday, the powers that be will be in full damage control mode. Play your cards close to your chest, and keep an eye on how it unfolds. This is not a one-week only show.


More planets in air signs is usually a good time for Gemmy folk, but this week’s shifts are punctuated by some somewhat bumpy arrivals. If you’re studying or travelling, Mars and Venus’ move into Aquarius will be especially palpable. It feels like whiplash – an explosive outburst followed by an OTT (albeit very wordy) charm offensive. If you’re not ready to pick a side, keep things light. This is set to be a longer-term storyline, so you may as well get comfortable.


As the moon waxes towards a crescent this week, your energy levels should feel like they’re growing all week. And just as well! You’ll need plenty of pep in your step as the plot thickens in your closest relationships. Surprise expenses, or even windfalls could hit out of the blue as Mars and Venus meet up with didn’t-see-that-one-coming Pluto. By Saturday, a cup of tea – or a very strong martini – and a lie down may be in order. Listen to your body and prep your excuses to bail early, there’s every chance you’ll use them.


The curtains are drawn, the actors are in place, and you’re set to move into a surprising new scene this week– especially around your relationships. Look for the action to unfold in your own life, or right under your nose as the excitement centres around your other half. It’s a lot to digest, so take it slow and do what you can to help your nearest and dearest muddle through. They’re likely feeling like they’re under a lot of pressure so be on-hand and available to help them unpack what’s going on. Talking it out is essential.


Compression tights at the ready! This week feels like someone has lit a match under your motivation and nothing will stand between you and the reformer machine. As Mars moves into your health and wellbeing sphere and smack bang into Pluto, you’ll feel activated in every sense of the word. Despite the energy surge this is definitely not the week to shoot for a PB. Use the potent energy to get strategic about goals rather than overloading your bar in a pump. A gym buddy or PT could be a great addition on Friday.


Minx mode is officially activated! You’re on fire, literally, this week, with Mars – the planet that rules physical desire – igniting your sexual sphere. As Venus follows suit (Saturday AEST, Friday GMT) it’s a fool proof recipe for “wanna go again?” What’s extra intriguing is that it could uncover some unexpected truths that have a ripple effect beyond the bedroom. Let physicality be the bridge to a deeper intellectual intimacy. Stay analytical and it has the power to transform your bond.


The big hits and shock revelations keep coming this week with more drama happening front and centre. As your ruling planets marches into Aquarius mid-week you’ll get another taste of exactly what Pluto in Aquarius is all about. It could manifest as someone close to you (think parents, family or even flatmates) having a totally out of the blue outburst. You’ll still be trying to catch your breath by the time they appear with an olive branch on Friday/Saturday. Despite what might be said, the issue runs much deeper than you might think…


After last week’s new-found clarity, there’s more action to come this week. A withering outburst mid-week bolstered by a very direct, tell-it-how-it-is Aries moon could hit hard, even in spite of your usually thick skin. By Friday/Saturday, Venus glides in to try and smooth over the damage, but the gesture could leave you cold; an icepack isn’t the First Aid of choice for frost bite.


Fasten your seatbelt, and strap on your stack hat, it’s going to be a wild week! As Mars and Venus run headfirst into Pluto, you’re gifted a front row seat to the pyrotechnic show of the year, or at least, the first quarter of 2024. That’s excellent news if life has been a little ho-hum of late. Drama! Action! Strategic alliances! BUT if February is feeling more like July, this is your official warning to double down on self-care. Your nervous system will thank you for it.


Now that you can’t un-see that thing that you figured out from last week, sitting on your hands and biting your tongue will prove extra difficult this week. But this is not the time to be reactive – as much as you may want to unleash. Think long-term: is it worth it? Is it necessary? Is it actually going to make a difference or help the situation? In moments of frustration, make space for quiet and tune in to your inner voice; let Future You be your North Star.

This story first appeared in GRAZIA International.