By Jessica Bailey

Horoscopes February 5-11: A Major Week For Realising Things

It’s seven days of intriguing revelation and change as the planets conspire to shake things up, whether you’re ready or not!
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

If you’ve been trying to second guess what the hell is going on with a person/situation/opportunity, rest assured by the end of the week you should have a much clearer picture.

It’s actions stations straight out of the gate as Mercury meets up with Pluto signaling a major truth bomb. It could come in the form of an (over) share, or you could suddenly realise your true feelings. No sooner has the fresh info landed than a sparkly new opportunity arises – it’s sweet, but beware objects could appear more dazzling than they appear in real life.

By the new moon (Saturday AEST; Friday GMT) reframing the situation and turning over a new leaf will feel not only doable but almost impossible to resist. This brave new approach is exciting but keeping your feet on the ground will be harder than you might expect. Think long and hard about the practicalities before you say, “YES! Let’s do this!” biting off more than you can chew will be a very real risk.


A friend may just be the bearer of intriguing news early in the week with Mercury and Pluto colluding to unveil a major revelation. It’ll be on your mind all week, and the temptation to race ahead with a new plan will be major. If you’re not feeling a change of heart, the situation may be asking you to change your approach to a familiar circumstance. If you get stuck, remember the expression “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of madness.”


It’s a major week for bullish folk as big drama threatens a major change at work. While you might not be the one packing up your desk, the cultural shift is likely to cause aftershocks throughout the week. Your mission is to observe it all and figure out how the change has shifted your perspective on work. If money and commitments were not a concern, what would you do differently? What has all the excitement revealed about your ambition? Food for thought – especially around the new moon (Friday GMT, Saturday AEST).


If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, fear not sweet Gemini. With Pluto and Uranus throwing their weight around all week, you’ve got the opportunity to change things up and bust out of any humdrum that’s been getting you down. The name of the game? Looking for people or opportunities that broaden your horizon. What have you always wanted to learn or how have you always wanted to diversify your skillset? The time is ripe for a change in direction, all you have to do is take the first step and be OK with being a beginner again.


It’s all happening this week with the heavens’ big hitters (read: Pluto and Uranus) ushering in change and excitement. For crabs, the big shifts are likely to hit around joint ventures – whether that’s the investment property you own with your brother or \ the bank account you share with your other half. As new information materialises (try) to reserve judgement until later in the week. This is not something you should rush into. Instead, take time to reflect on what new data/opportunities/advice means, and if you’re overwhelmed by it all, seek a professional opinion.


Ready for a shake up? Change might not be your #1 kink but it’s exactly what you’re getting this week. If you’re in a relationship, the big surprise may involve your partner more directly. If you’re single, it’s a magnificent window to broaden your pool of possibilities. Fishing beyond your usual pond could prove pleasantly surprising, especially around the middle of the week. If your kneejerk reaction is “but I’ve never explored someone like that before…” stay with the initial cringe and ask yourself, “why not?”.


How are your new year health goals tracking? If you’ve found yourself veering off course, this could be your week to get back on track. Reactivating that group fitness studio membership, locking in a friend to train for a fun run later in the year or booking in with that holistic doctor you’ve been meaning to try out are all great ways to capitalise on the energy. At work, things could feel in flux – that’s ok, just keep your head down and your cards close to your chest if you don’t want to get drawn into the drama.


The ghost of hook-ups past could return from the dead this week as Mercury and Pluto (figuratively speaking) signal dramatic entrances. If you’ve got kids, the surprise might come via school run chit chat. Whichever way the info lands in your lap, be prepared for the new intel to leave you lost for words. Your challenge is to figure out how the “data” could inspire you to do things differently. There’s some wisdom to be mined, even if it all feels a bit too explosive for words.


It’s open season for Scorpio folks this week as secrets, surprises and confessions have you feeling truly alive and in your element. A big old bombshell from family (or flatmates) kicks the week off with a bang, possibly vindicating a hunch you’ve had for years. The rest of the week asks you how the intel could inspire you to do things differently in your closest relationships. If a family member has been holding out on something you’ve been dying to know, this could be the week they finally come clean.


There’s a sense of resolve and enlightenment to this week that should feel like a huge relief. If you’ve been left hanging, wondering whether that email ever got delivered, there’s never been a better time to follow up. Even just a smidge of pressure should shift any blockages in communication. Be warned, a gentle nudge could unleash what feels like a deluge of information (and feelings). It’s a lot but at least you will know where you stand.


A surprise revelation around cash could take your breath away this week with Pluto and Mercury suggesting a major discovery. It’s the sort of astro weather where you might find your bank has been accidentally charging fees they shouldn’t, or a gift voucher for $500 will fall out of a drawer. Help things along by going on a little bit of a forensic dig… you never know what you’ll turn up.


This week is huge for Aquarian folks as we build towards a new moon challenging you to completely switch up your approach to life and relationships. Before you get there, new data or intel will set the cat amongst the pigeons on Monday (AEST and GMT). It’s the tip of the iceberg that could inspire you to completely reassess the state of play. Be open to a change, you’re being invited to look your fears head on and respond to things differently than you always have.


Journals at the ready! The intuitive downloads are coming in hot this week, starting from Monday. A prophetic dream or maybe just a very strong “ick” about someone you shouldn’t on paper have an issue with, will have you pondering “what’s really going on here?” Trust your gut. There are no coincidences this week. Chances are, what you’re picking up on is exactly what’s going on… the problem is you might be the first one to figure it out. Don’t panic. The truth will come out, your greatest challenge will be holding your tongue and letting the people around you figure it out in their own time.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International