By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes April 15–21: Anticipate Your Sliding Doors Moment

It's a week to trust in serendipity and take a leap of faith, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
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Art: Kimberlee Kessler

And just like that, eclipse season is behind us. But just as have we dusted ourselves off, one of this year’s most anticipated astro moments rolls into town. Yep, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is set to blow up your socials and supercharge your reality (all week long but peaking on 21 April AEST and GMT).

For the fixed signs among us (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun and rising) this is an especially pertinent point of the astrological calendar. Look for a sliding doors moment where you’re invited to throw caution to the wind and take a leap of faith.

After a very heavy few weeks, you’ll also get a productive nudge of motivation courtesy of Mars. That’s good news if you’ve been feeling shy about going after what you want. Venus also hooks up with (retrograde) Mercury towards the end of the week bringing some much-needed honey to an irritating back-and-forth that’s been driving you up the wall.


Mercury retrograde may still be stirring the pot but the pressure valve should definitely feel as though it’s been released this week with the eclipse season done and dusted. While you’re still retracing steps and rehashing conversations from the last couple of weeks, there’s a glint of resolution on the horizon. Financially a surprise windfall could take your breath away.


There’s some respite coming your way after a few weeks of uneasiness that may have left you feeling strangely off balance. A blast of optimism and confidence gives you a fresh take on your next move, bringing a philosophical quality to your perspective. While before you may have felt overwhelmed or unsteady about what’s next, this week it’s easier to find the deeper meaning in it all and maybe even the resources to dig deep and give something new a red-hot shot.


The sun hasn’t quite set on Aries SZN excitement this week as your social sphere continues to snap, crackle and pop with drama courtesy of Mercury retrograde. An olive branch may be on the cards by the end of the week when Venus and Mercury team up. It’s the sort of weather where someone you thought you couldn’t rely on (and maybe even suspected was working against you) could swoop in the same day. Whatever shakes out, it won’t be boring.


As Mercury completes its final full week in reverse, you could still feel like you’re speaking a different language to your colleagues. But while last week the disconnect felt overwhelming and infuriating, this week, finding a way to rise above the white noise should feel a million times easier. Hell, you might even find yourself on the end of an apology. But if you’ve still got a bad taste in your mouth, it’s a great week to broaden your network and start putting feelers out for something new.


In the mood for an adventure? Play your cards right and you could find yourself entering your visionary era – especially at work – as the planets collude to bring you all the good vibes this week. Ask and you shall receive, leap and you shall land – it’s the sort of weather to take a chance and back yourself. You might just pull off the manoeuvre of the year.


While the grind of Big Financial decisions won’t completely disappear this week, there is a softer side to the energy that should make you feel a little less frayed. A disagreement could reach a truce later in the week when Venus brings some much-needed sweetness to proceedings. Then, in the nick of time, Jupiter turns the kaleidoscope, encouraging you to zoom out and reframe. It’s the new approach you need to help you find your groove again. Don’t be afraid to think different.


Compassion and empathy are still very much the order of the day as the people closest to you process a few very intense – possibly rough – weeks. If your emotional support stores feel as though they’re close to running dry, rest assured you’ll find a way to find more TLC in the tank. With both Jupiter and Venus coming up trumps, finding a softer approach or philosophical take should feel almost effortless.


It’s a good week for dating outside your usual pond – or getting outside your comfort zone if you’re coupled up – as Jupiter and Uranus shake things up. A much longer, larger storyline that’s brought uncertainty or maybe even a sense of unpredictability to your romantic life, is ripe for a glow-up. Brace yourself for a lightning bolt of inspiration, ready to set you free in ways you never thought possible.


A vibe shift that’s been months – maybe years – in the making comes to a head this week bringing a fresh new perspective on the way you work. If you’ve been struggling to find your footing, this week things could all start to make sense. The ground may not be any less shaky but there’s a least a sense of reason to it all. The “why” drops in, and for a Sagittarian, understanding is as good – if not better – than a resolution.


While the current astrology may be tempting you to burn everything to the ground and begin again, there’s a slight shift in energy this week that should talk you off the ledge. Yes, you’re still going through a whole lot of recalibration when it comes to how or where you live, but this week you have an excitable and fiery Venus helping bring a sense of “how do we do this together?” rather than your usual “I’ll just do it all myself” mentality. Meanwhile, an invitation or opportunity to do something just for the fun of it could take your breath away. Don’t hesitate, just say “yes!”


There’s big breakthrough energy this week as all signs point to you finding a new take on something foundational in your life like where you live or your relationship with your family. Look for the situation where two stories begin to thread together. The new approach might overhaul the way you resource yourself – both materially and energetically. While the finer details won’t be ironed out just yet, you can begin to see the shape of things to come, and that alone should feel downright exhilarating.


An olive branch or solution to a cash problem that’s been weighing heavily could land in your lap this week. Trust that the opportunities, conversations and connections you make could lead to something new and exciting. Whether it’s a new neighbourhood, a new business idea or the chance to study or learn, there’s something in the water this week encouraging you to take a chance and shoot for that one-in-a-million chance – the result may surprise you.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.