By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes for April 22–28: Are You in Need of a Moment to Rest?

The Astro weather is aligned to do just that, says astrologist Emma Vidgen. Read your weekly horoscopes now.
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Art: Kimberlee Kessler

After weeks of intense energy, confrontation and frustration, the clouds are parting and there are blue(ish) skies ahead. With Taurus season underway, that “hurry TFU” pressure eases. While it hasn’t entirely disappeared–Mercury and Venus are still in Aries after all–it should feel more like the exception rather than the rule.

The full moon (24 April AEST, 23 April GMT) looks like an especially powerful window to catch your breath and give yourself a minute to process everything that’s been happening. In the deep, emotional waters of Scorpio, this lunation has “Ugly Cry” written all over it, and it will feel damn good.

Adding to the vibe shift, Mercury prepares to station direct (Thursday – AEST and GMT), signalling the end of a particularly gnarly retrograde season. That means your ability to think fast and act faster might be hampered. The good news? Everyone is in the same boat.

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With Taurus season shifting the focus away from the especially intense main character energy you’ve been working with, expect to feel a little less frazzled. With Mercury slowing down too, you could feel a smidge less reactive…which may not be a bad thing. The full moon mid-week promises to excavate some pretty big feelings, especially around self-worth. Waterproof mascara at the ready, this one is going to be a doozy – in the best way possible. Like a weepy rom-com on a hungover Sunday, it’s all part of the post-eclipse comedown. Lean in.


Fresh off the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction last weekend, Taurus o’clock is well underway, bringing some much-needed chill to the erratic vibes of recent weeks. Clear the decks mid-week and do something luscious for the full moon. Infra-red saunas, pasta in bed, maybe one after the other. There’s deep healing coming at you (if you’re game). If you’re in a relationship, this full moon could also stir up some more “challenging” material from deep below the surface. Be warned, once you let the genie out of the bottle, there’ll be no coaxing them back in…


With your 12th house illuminated, you’ve entered your annual hermit era (until Gemini season kicks off next month). That’s your yearly cue from the sky for an energetic cup of tea and a lie-down. Major full moon energy mid-week should give you a not-so-subtle kick up the backside to flop and drop if you’re struggling to switch off. And when you do finally let yourself be still, don’t be surprised if you’re bowled over by a tidal wave of feelings – the energy is real. In other news, the end of Mercury retrograde (Thursday AEST and GMT) should draw a line in the sand under any ick you’ve had with friends the past few weeks.


Little crabs, you’ve been through the wringer the past four weeks. The good news is, by the end of this one, you’re out of the woods. Already you should be feeling less ticked off – especially at work, with the sun illuminating your social sphere beckoning you to see the joy in simple pleasures. The full moon mid-week serves as an energetic cue to let your hair down, preferably with the kind of people who can finish your sentences for you. Then, rejoice once Mercury slows to go direct (25 April AEST and GMT) and the madness at work finally starts to subside. Make space to crawl back into your little crab shell on the weekend – you’ll need it.


Taurus season is coming in hot straight out of the gate, pulling focus on your career. Don’t be surprised if you’re bowled over by a moment of realisation, healing or release mid-week when the full moon casts an unflinching light on the state of play. It might be the moment you decide you’re ready for a 180 pivot…or a 6-month sabbatical. If spicy power dynamics have been rippling beneath the surface, they could swell to a tidal wave, likely from someone close. It may land like an eruption, but once you’ve regained composure, try to hold steady and hear them out.


With the combative quality of Aries season waning, there’s a sense of perspective and respite about this week. Things aren’t perfect, but seeing beyond the immediate heaviness that has been dominating the past month should feel a little easier. Use the full moon (23 April GMT, 24 April AEST) to reflect on big, lofty goals – maybe thinking about studying, reconnecting with a spiritual practice or daydreaming about a big trip. Once Mercury goes direct (Thursday AEST and GMT), reaching an agreement or resolution around areas of stress will feel more probable.


While the people closest to you are trying to unravel some major knots, by Friday, they should finally find the other end of the string. Lucky for them, you’re still on hand, hearing them out. The full moon in the middle of the week is a good one for you to revisit deeply personal questions about what you value, prioritise and envisage long-term. How do you marry what you need materially, from a resource perspective, with your emotional desires? Striking a compromise between the humdrum grind of adulting with your desire for more intense experiences is the balancing act you’re being asked to explore.


While you may have managed to emerge from eclipse season relatively unscathed, this week’s full moon promises Major Feels and realisations. With your most intimate relationships under the microscope, the desire to go deep (or maybe, just go?), will be big. In the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn (a Buddhist teacher), “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Holding in your feelings is futile, now is the time to speak your truth and share what’s going on beneath the surface.


Fresh off the juicy feels of last weekend, there’s a more easeful, lilting pace to this week that should feel comparably delightful. With more energy in your tank, it’s ideal Astro weather for heading back to the gym – especially if you’ve been a bit light on training lately. The full moon (Tuesday GMT, Wednesday AEST) could deliver a wake-up call on the health front so get the jump on the energy and start the week off on the right foot. Workwise, you’re ready to tackle the grind. Be methodical, patient and consistent and watch as seeds flourish faster than you expected.


There’s happy news for any goat who has been feeling under the pump of late (tbh, probably all Capricorns). You’re on a downhill run, with green lights and a whole lot less ick in the overall vibe. From Monday you should feel the tide turning and the mood soften. As the dust begins to settle, the push/pull between home and work also begins to yield significantly. With the full Moon highlighting friendships, don’t be surprised if you suddenly notice who’s been showing up through this recent season of intensity (and who hasn’t).


Last weekend’s sparkly Astro weather launches you into the week with a little extra spring in your step. While there are still a few days (until Thursday – all time zones) of potential hijinks as Mercury slows down to the station (especially Tuesday/Wednesday), the overall feel is a whole lot rosier than it’s been in recent weeks. Mid-week, the full moon coincides with a moment of honesty and healing highlighting storylines around your work and your family. There’s the chance to get real and let go of something that’s been bubbling beneath the surface for way too long. Don’t hold it in, now’s your chance to come clean.


As the pressure to make big calls about (or cuts to) your spending finally subsides (TF!) there’s a gentler pace to the week ahead. Taurus season invites you to get lost in learning, books or a new show as you’re invited to give yourself the time and space to rebound from the madness that has been the past few weeks. A big, cathartic cry around the full moon may be triggered by something entirely unrelated, but once you start, you may not be able to stop. Go with the feels and let the waves of emotion move through you.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.