By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes for April 8–14: Prepare for an Exceptionally Dramatic Week Ahead, One of the Most Intense of the Year

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Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s ending – words from a stoic philosopher (Seneca) that will serve you very well as you move through this week’s energy.

As the skies deliver some of the most dramatic astrology of the year – the total solar eclipse in Aries (Monday GMT, Tuesday AEST) and the Mars/Saturn conjunction (exact Tuesday GMT, Wednesday AEST) – we’re reminded that no fresh start comes without making space for new things to grow.

The good news is you won’t have to second guess what needs to go. With Aries szn in full flight, that will be abundantly clear. With Mars and Saturn in Pisces wielding the sword, themes of surrender and impermanence come to the fore. Expect things to feel nebulous, existential or hard to express.

It’s big, serious stuff that could leave you feeling untethered. Double down on the little things that help bring you a sense of self-determination. Focus on the small stuff you can control. And if people seem a little hard to deal with, give them the benefit of the doubt. This astro weather affects us all.


With a total eclipse in your home sign ushering in dramatic endings, the time has come for decisions to be made. This dramatic lunation sets the scene for the next six months – so don’t panic if you don’t see a neat conclusion to something that’s been hanging over your head. But when and if things do wrap up suddenly, trust that they’ve run their course and it’s time to make some space for what’s next.


Feeling brave? The new moon in Aries delivers a potent opportunity to take a deep breath and face a huge fear this week. As the eclipse electrifies the part of your chart synonymous with your hidden self, the next six months promise to deliver the opportunity to unfurl, upgrade and own your shadow in ways you’ve never dared to before. You’re more courageous than you think.


You’re in the middle of a pretty serious overhaul as Mars and Saturn align with a sudden finish to something significant professionally. Although the end could feel a little abrupt, the conclusion looks set to till the soil for new starts and fresh blooms – especially in your social sphere. When things feel intense, remind yourself the weeding process is a necessary part of the cycle.


Intense exchanges and debates (and possibly clashes) on a philosophical level may feel a little overwhelming this week, demanding every last ounce of your adversarial energy. This microcosm of conflict represents a larger transformation taking place in the core tenets of your life over the next six months. With new seeds waiting to take root, especially at work, don’t be afraid to let go of dead wood.


There’s something new taking shape this week – perhaps travel, study or even spirituality-related –as the eclipses point to both a grand finale and a fresh start. Courage, tenacity and a dash of impulsiveness will serve you well. But before you can pull the trigger, there are some difficult conversations to be had – especially about the money you share with other people. Rip the band-aid off and get on with it. You can’t pass go without getting past this hurdle.


There are few things you like as much as a good old-fashioned cleaning spree and this week the sky is delivering the astrological equivalent. Keeping that analogy front of mind could help soften the blow as you move through the week. Much like emptying the dustbin on your Dyson, you might find yourself recoiling a little. Remember the momentary ick is a necessary discomfort and ultimately sets you up for a brand new chapter, especially on the financial front.


Buckle up and get set because this week you’re granted a front-row seat to one of this year’s most interesting astrological moments. With the eclipse unfolding centre stage, the people closest to you are on the precipice of a major turning point. This is not a week to screen calls; if someone you once held dear reaches out, pick up. Make this turning point a talking point in the very best sense of the expression; you are better placed than anyone to truly hear them and hold space for their feelings.


The fiery feel of this eclipse is set to echo through the next six months. It’s the chance to start again and reinvent the way you approach things – especially at work or in the realm of your well-being. One of these areas will likely stand out more than the other as the prime contender, but make no mistake before you start again you’ll have to let something go. Cheeky vapes, destructive hook-ups or senseless shopping – whatever is your blind spot, be ready to break up for good and start afresh.


As tensions reach a crescendo at home or with a family member, there’s the undeniable sense of an ending this week. In the moment, letting go may feel difficult but ultimately the resolution, no matter how rocky, will help clear the pathway for a fresh start. Despite the difficult terrain, vision, beauty and art for art’s sake spring from the well, ushering in a new chapter in your creative expression.


Redefining what it is you want, need and long for in a home has been in evolution for the past 12 months. This week, you’ll get another hint as to where you’ll land when the dust settles (not until October). If it feels beyond your control, that’s because it is. Not so easy for a Cap to accept, but the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll sleep through the night. Trust the change is leading you to the next right step and don’t overcook or over-orchestrate what’s coming.


The need to rein in spending, get real about your cash or scale back your expenses dominates the story this week. With Mars and Saturn connecting in your money sector, you can no longer blindly file your budget to the archive folder of your inbox. The reality check may be hard to swallow but ultimately brings the freedom to begin again, especially if you’ve got a side hustle or business idea percolating. The next six months will give you all the time and energy to wrap things up and move on to something better.


As eclipse season wraps up for another six months, there’s the glimmer of something new and exhilarating on the horizon. It feels terrifying and impulsive and out of character but the impetus to start again could be too strong to ignore. Before you can break new ground – especially around the realm of how you make money – you first need to let go of the excess baggage you’ve been dragging around. It’s old and heavy and you know exactly what it is. This week you can capitalise on the energy and get ready to release. Be brave and trust the space you’re making is essential for new sparks to fly.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.