By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes August 14 – 20: Think Outside the Box This Week

Are you ready to open your mind to unexpected pleasures?

Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The week is full of opportunity, with a juicy new moon in Leo asking you to think outside the box and open your mind to unexpected pleasures. Look to the intriguing connections (or perhaps baggage) that have surfaced this Venus retrograde (since the last week of July) for a steer on what you might be ready to start over, and stay open to the possibility that what you thought you wanted, isn’t what you want after all…

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This week might be the week you finally cave to that guilty pleasure that’s been calling your name – metaphorically or maybe even literally speaking. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shelling out for last-minute tickets to see your favourite band or team play, or finally writing back to that “hey, you…” that slid into your DMs. The new moon on Wednesday has big wildcard energy daring you to take a risk and have a little fun. If you find yourself reigniting a situationship, use the next three weeks your test and learn phase, rather than expecting a lifelong commitment.


There’s a magical window to turn over a new leaf with something or someone close to home this week as the new moon illuminates your domestic sphere. If you’ve been pondering the possibility of wiping the slate clean with a family member, or maybe something much more superficial (like a new colour scheme in your bedroom), this might just be your week. Don’t expect miracles overnight, instead agree to try a new approach with an open heart and see where it leads.

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Your attachment to “stuff” is under the spotlight this week as the new moon (Wednesday all time zones) beckons you to do a system reset. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to flip the script in the way you deal with your worldly possessions. What value do you place on clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewellery or just cash? Are you flippant or do you hold onto things too long? This new moon invites you to try a new approach. Is it time to purge? Or time to commit to breaking up with impulse buys?


This Venus retrograde has been a cosmic trip inviting you to fall back in love again with something or someone you hold dear. Maybe it’s a partner, maybe it’s a pair of jeans, maybe it’s a part of yourself. This week’s new moon (Wednesday all time zones) suggests you go out on a limb and try something you’ve been flirting with these past few weeks. Make it something that champions that thing you’ve been falling for again, but make it a try-before-you-buy sitch; temporary tattoos and clip-on cartilage cuffs ONLY…at least until next month when the stars are much better for certainty.


A new moon this week marks a major moment in this month’s Venus retrograde. By now you’re probably well aware of where you need to make more space for listening to your inner voice. Getting out of your head and trusting your intuition is one of your biggest lessons during this cycle. Wednesday’s new moon gives you a shot at making a change, inviting you to put yourself first (for once) and carve out more time for solitude. It doesn’t have to be kneejerk, instead commit to a 21-day experiment where you make time, every single day, to do something just for you. Alone.


Hold the phone and keep that calendar wide open because the start of this week is bringing big flamboyant energy. With a new moon on Wednesday sending shock waves through your social sphere, it’s got the potential to serve (or be served) some major tea. Juicy gossip, a surprise invite or the serendipitous delight of reconnecting with an old friend, take the good times while the good times are getting and let your hair down.

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Do you remember your LinkedIn password? OK so it might not be your preferred social platform (is it anyone’s? ahem, Capricorn?) but this whole Venus retrograde cycle is really not a time to be playing nonchalant on the professional networking front. Wednesday’s new moon in particular is highlighting a familiar person, passion or source of value coming back into your life, completely out of the blue. Don’t panic and assume there’s an ulterior motive. Just enjoy the fun of reconnecting with whatever (or whoever) it is. The takeaway may be as simple as a good old-fashioned ego boost…and that’s totally ok.


Finding your groove beyond the everyday has been a core theme this month, and this week that spontaneous energy hits a high note. Here’s your chance to take a punt on a person, place or pleasure that seems well outside your comfort zone. It’s the sort of challenge you thrive on, but before you hand over your passport and change your name, bear in mind this trip abroad (literally or figuratively speaking) shouldn’t be a one-way ticket. Commit to exploring, but be prepared for the likelihood that things will need readjusting by September.


If you’ve been doing the deep emotional excavation this Venus retrograde has been asking of you there’s an invigorating break in the weather this week. As a new moon unleashes a bright new energy you’re invited to try a different approach. What old wounds or baggage have you been unpacking, and what would happen if you reframed the pain? Give yourself the next three weeks to try a different tact. Withhold judgement and just see how things unfold when you expect things to go your way, rather than bracing yourself for the worst-case scenario.


Where focus goes, energy flows, and this week if you’re willing to readjust your gaze, things could flow very sweetly indeed. By now you’re getting a solid read on what relationship, pleasure and value stories you’re being asked to reframe during this retrograde. So now, you get a chance to tip it all on its head. What happens when you ask your partner to show up in a way you never have before. Flip the script, give the benefit of the doubt and let yourself expect goodness. You’ll never know if you don’t at least put it out there, and there’s nothing more tragic than forever wondering, ‘what if?’


No one knows better than you there’s magic to be found in the random chaos of life. That sentiment rings especially true for you this week. While Venus retrograde has been serving you a lesson in reconnecting with old pleasures, those people/places/things beckon you to take a chance for the fun of it on Wednesday. When long-lost connections or things resurface – whether it’s a family member you haven’t heard from in ages, an old school friend or an old TV show you randomly decide to rewatch – take a minute to reflect. Consider what they meant to you, then… and now, and be grateful for the joy they bring, even if it is only fleeting.

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