By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes April 29-May 5: A Week to Treat Yourself With Little Luxuries

As we finally find our flow, celebrate small wins, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
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Art: Kimberlee Kessler 

If you’ve felt a little like you’ve been trying to run up a hill with your shoes on the wrong feet, rest assured, you’re not alone. The good news this week is that after weeks, maybe months, of grind, there’s a little more ease coming your way as not one but two planets enter their home signs. 

Monday is by all accounts, a little flat as Mars makes its final aspect in Pisces – a melancholic chord that could leave you feeling both irritated and apathetic. There’s a frustrating fuzziness to proceedings like you’re straining to hear something important through a crackly car radio. 

But by Tuesday (all time zones), the tables begin to turn as Venus emerges in her home sign – Taurus. This is “make an entrance energy” where interpersonal exchanges – from professional introductions to Bumble tête-à-têtes – could echo into the future. Use the vibe wisely by sharing your energy with  people you *want* to hang around beyond this week

Mid-week you’ll get another big boost as Mars enters its home sign of Aries. Again, the feel is one of potency and purpose. You know what you need to do ( maybe you’ve known what it is for weeks) but now you finally have the focus to actually go ahead and just do it (especially next weekend). 

Aries and Aries rising  

Don’t be perturbed by the week’s hazy start. While the extreme dream state may leave you wondering what’s real and what’s not, you’ll be feeling feistier than you have in months by the end of this week. “Back to your old self” is the phrase that comes to mind, as Mars starts your engines and encourages you to get involved. Lean in and lap up the vitality to help sort out the muddle left behind by last week. The weekend is your best window to just get on with it. 

Taurus and Taurus rising  

Irresistible? Moi? You’d better believe it, baby! It’s a seriously sultry landing into the week as your ruling planet, Venus, gets an atomic hit from Pluto,  supercharging your swagger. The smallest flirtation or throwaway invitation could set tectonic forces in motion as goddess mode is fully activated. It’s a sweet, sensual change from the weather of late, but there is a risk of being a little detached about the outcome. Make sure you’re not flexing without regard for other people’s feelings.  

Gemini and Gemini rising  

Twos company – and maybe threes even more fun–  but your cosmic challenge this week is to find pleasure in solitude. Lean out of social commitments, cancel plans and indulge in some party-of-one activities. A little “me time” is the perfect respite as the aftermath of a very rough eclipse and Mercury retrograde continues to reverberate among your friends. Believe it or not, you do not have to be the on-call peacemaker at all times. Consider this week your astrological time in lieu.  

Cancer and cancer rising   

Are you having fun yet? In case the Taurus sun hasn’t whipped you into a self-care frenzy, Venus is bringing the good time vibes, demanding you snap that laptop shut and get yourself to a day spa with a ride or die, stat. Good food + good company is all you need to lean into the energy that’s begging you to treat yourself. Mid-week onwards, Mars blazes through your career sphere like a long-overdue garbage truck finally passing through to clear away the clutter. Step back and let those higher up do some of the heavy lifting.  

Leo and Leo rising  

Cold calls, KPI chats or professional introductions hold the power to have big implications this week as your career sphere is activated with vigour. The winds of change, specifically, the “upgrade edition” are very much blowing in your direction. With Venus setting the mood for potent conversations, and Pluto barrelling in to make things actually happen (and fast), your biggest risk will be asking and getting something you’re not 100% sure you want. 

Virgo and Virgo rising  

With Venus greasing the wheels of communication and Mercury moving forward, there’s further opportunity to chip away at that larger, eclipse storyline that’s still ringing in your ears. The back and forth now comes to an end, and it’s time to take some affirmative action. And action you shall take, especially once Mars moves into Aries mid-week. Lean into the generous dose of grit you’re being given –  just the right thing to help you stick to your guns and go for what you want. Now is not the time to be meek. 

Libra and Libra rising   

After weeks of nursing broken hearts or bruised egos (or both!) the people closest to you begin to regain a sense of independence and composure this week. Stepping down from your role as emergency emotional support puppy should feel like a relief, and give you the headspace to think about more personal matters. If you’ve been postponing a conversation about cash (especially with your partner) you might feel ready to go there. Just be sure to tread carefully, their eclipse season scars are still fresh. 

Scorpio and Scorpio rising 

Brace yourself Scorpio, you’re officially entering your heartbreaker era. There’s major sauciness to be had this week as Venus glides into your most intimate affairs demanding nothing short of a Very Sexy Time. Use sensory cues to get the party started – a few simple ingredients (good food, a nice Pet Nat, a new fragrance or all three) will help elevate a low-key date night into something monumental. If you’re single, cast your net with intention – whoever you reel in could prove more significant than you might first think.   

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising   

Ready to impress? You’re set to make a charming – and lasting – impression this week as Venus and Pluto activate your work sector. With the glow of reliable yet creative Taurus energy igniting your work life, impressing the right people, saying the right thing or putting your hand up to help will pay off tenfold. Don’t be shy, make the most of the good feels and put your best foot forward – you’ve got the attention of the right people to make major inroads. 

Capricorn and Capricorn rising  

Tastebuds at the ready, the stars are serving oozy, gooey opulence this week and you’re under strict instructions to swap your serviette for a neckerchief and dig in. As Venus ignites your appetite for the good life with reckless abandon (blame Pluto’s influence) just try and stop yourself ordering the 12-course tasting menu. Out of character? Perhaps. But even trusty mountain goats deserve a little luxury every now and then. Forget cheat days, this is your cheat week. 

Aquarius and Aquarius rising 

“Homebody” may not feature on your IG bio, but this week there’s a strong missive from the planets to get into, staying in. A little glow-up for your living room or a bougie candle could help get you in the mood to commit to a more meaningful relationship…with your sofa. Enjoy the sumptuousness and simplicity of being exactly where you are – preferably ensconced in the sweet bouquet of Diptyque Baies with something yummy cooking on the stove. 

Pisces and Pisces rising  

Mind your step on Monday as a passing melancholy could leave you feeling a little flat. It’s a momentary cloud in an otherwise much brighter sky this week. Lapping up the glorious delights of great books, classic albums or riveting podcasts will bring joy beyond expectations. Lean in and immerse yourself in creativity and curiosity and accept that there is a pleasure to be had by just tuning into your senses and being right here, right now. You’re not imagining it, the music sounds better this week.   

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.