By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes January 22–28: A Time To Express What You Mean

HoThe planets are on your side to have honest conversations this weekend. But they come with a warning, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

It’s a week of flex, pomp and action with excitement happening in the Capricorn and Aquarius parts of your chart. Power plays, sharp words and a visionary streak promise to keep things interesting.

A full moon in Leo (Friday AEST and GMT) brings an optimistic, playful vibe that should feel like a breath of fresh air after the taking-care-of-business feel that’s dominated the first few weeks of the year.

With Pluto and the Sun in ‘how can we do things differently?’ Aquarius taking control of your future could suddenly feel like an urgent to-do. If you struggle to say what you mean, the planets are on your side to have courageous conversations (peaking Saturday and Sunday AEST, Friday and Saturday GMT). If you have a tendency to be a little blunt, beware your words will land even sharper than usual next weekend.

Remember to always read for your rising sign, rather than your sun sign to get the most accurate read. Cast your chart at to learn your sign.

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If 2024 has felt like nothing but work (entirely possible in Capricorn season) rest assured this week offers a little reprieve. With the full moon in Leo igniting sparks across your social and pleasure spheres, Friday looks like an excellent time to let your hair down. Your only caution? Choose playmates who won’t take exception to your directness; this is not a great week to introduce a random from work or hypersensitive acquaintance into your weekend plans.


With a juicy full moon setting off fireworks, there’s a sense of excitement and “what if?” about this week that should have you feeling extra optimistic about the future. Any outstanding ick at home should gently melt away. If you’ve been on the hunt for new digs (or a new couch), this might just be the moment you find “the one”. Be warned, with Mercury and Mars in cahoots, you could find yourself blurting “we’ll take it” before you’ve properly looked at the price-tag.


There’s a lot to like about this week, with the full moon in Leo inviting you to reconnect with people who feel like family. Whether it’s siblings or chosen fam, the end of the week is rosy for a spontaneous get-together. In other news, Mercury and Mars point to some seriously big ‘buy now, pay later’ spending. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, no matter how manageable that AfterPay looks…


There’s a little bit of relief in sight this week as the Sun and Pluto shift out of your relationship sector. That means the relentless focus on “where are we going/what are we doing” that’s dominated the first few weeks of the year should subside. There’s still a bit of spice in the air though, so try to give your other half a bit of space to figure things out. This is a quandary they need to work out for themselves.


Hip, hip hooray here comes a full moon in Leo, day! Like a glitter bomb going off  after a whole lot of beige-on-beige, there’s big, shiny ‘we CAN DO IT!’ coming your way this week (Friday AEST and GMT). That’s good news if you’ve been feeling a bit blah (entirely possible with all the Capricorn energy) of late. Celebrate by grabbing some loved and trusted people and letting loose. Side note: Mercury and Mars suggest a little bit of friction at work, so best to keep work and play separate.


In case you haven’t already gotten on a big old health kick, this week looks ideal to knuckle down and get back to the gym. With Aquarius season motivating you to move, nourish and rest better than ever, now is the time to reactivate your ClassPass. Take it easy as you ease back into it; the stars will have you feeling all fired up, but you’ll stay strong (and not injured) by easing back into things


Ready to cut loose? If you’re not feeling it yet, you will be by the week’s end. With Aquarius season igniting your appetite for fun, there’s a shift away from domestic (grind) towards things that light you up. The end of the week’s full moon looks super fun for a long lunch with your girls. It’s a sweet escape from any underlying fractiousness that could be making home or family dynamics feel like hard work. Rest assured they should blow over by next week.


What’s on your dance card this week? If it’s wide open, you’re under strict instructions from your astrologer to get something happening for Thursday/Friday. The end of the week is a standout window for doing something indulgent, delicious and memorable with someone you cherish. If that’s not floating your boat, taking a leap professionally is also be a good use of the energy. Set up the coffee date or apply for the role – the sky is on your side to make a major impression.


After weeks of fixating on finances, there’s change of focus coming Sagittarians’ way this week. With Aquarius season encouraging you to reconnect with your local network (people wise, not WIFI wise), now is the time to knock on doors and/or introduce yourself. The full moon at the end of the week (Friday AEST and GMT) is especially good for career-related networking, so take a deep breath and make the first move.


Can you feel the shift? The energetic change should be palpable for Cappies this week as Pluto and the Sun roll out of your immediate vicinity. That all equates to an alleviation of pressure, not only on you, but on your closest relationships. Sure, things could still feel a little prickly, but once things come to a head next weekend, your next steps will be crystal clear. Hang in there and treat yourself to a little online shopping on Friday under the full moon in Leo. Those outrageously impractical Barbie pink Balenciaga sandals are just what the doctor ordered.


After a murky start to the year it’s all systems go for you this week with your home season in full swing. Celebrate by stepping forward and putting your hand up for whatever comes your way. Behind the scenes, you might still be feeling a little angsty (thank Mercury and Mars) so don’t hold back on the self-care to help manage 3am panic. At the end of the week, the full moon in Leo is a magnificent window to do something special with someone you love. Don’t let the good vibes pass you by.


Sound the alarm! It’s the annual astrological season for Piscean folks to take a load off and regroup. After a busy start to the year, Aquarius season invites you to clear the decks and go to ground. This week’s full moon may have you tempted to check out with some CBD gummies, but the more nourishing approach would be to invest in your health. A sound bath, yoga workshop or reiki session is just the ticket to make the most of the energy. Switch off and bliss out.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.