By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes March 18–24: A Week to Brush It Off and Dig Deep

The sky spells action: A parting gift from Pisces season and a fiery change of pace come the Equinox!
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

As we wade through the final days of Pisces season, the moon supports a little emotional regroup early in the week. It’s a low-key vibe – a dramatic shift from the back end of the week when the Equinox and the start of Aries season bring a control + alt + delete to the energy.

Aries energy is always a good excuse to get up off your seat and shake it off (literally or figuratively speaking), but with Mercury, Chiron, Venus and Saturn also influencing the mood, there could be some emotional excavation to be done, too. Don’t miss the opportunity for some deeper healing.

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Leap before you look, be the first on the dancefloor, start a band! Whatever takes your fancy, embrace it with the reckless abandon of an Olympic athlete who’s just won their fourth gold medal! With your motivation and initiative restored (from Wednesday AEST and GMT onwards), you’re about to get the energy hit you’ve been dreaming about. On a more serious note, a mid-week conversation highlights an old wound ripe for healing… be brave and dig deep.


While the rest of the zodiac embraces the fire of Aries season (from Wednesday AEST and GMT), the Equinox signals the beginning of your most moody month of the year. It’s not to say that nothing will be happening – on the contrary, you’re heading into an action-packed few weeks; but you might feel motivation and desire to put yourself out there, wane. Listen to that urge to go inwards and don’t be afraid to cancel plans.


Catch-ups, parties, spontaneous reunions – it’s all on the cards once the Equinox (Wednesday AEST and GMT) ushers in a fresh start. With the Sun pulling focus on friends, the sky is spelling action stations on your social calendar. And the excitement isn’t only happening around your social life; with Venus lightening the load at work, an ongoing challenge (possibly a difficult manager) could improve. Look for the opportunity to form an alliance or ask for mentorship – especially from a woman you admire.


Dust off your Prada pumps, you might just be about to enter your boss lady era this week as the Equinox shifts your focus to work. Before you embody your biggest, boldest professional version of yourself, there’s some healing to be done. Imposter syndrome? Discomfort around being seen? Nervousness around taking charge? It’s time to put it to bed. There’s bigger fish to fry, so check your baggage at the door and go get ‘em, tiger.


The siren song of a big OS trip could become too loud to ignore this week with the Equinox (Wednesday AEST and GMT) reigniting your lust for travel. With Mercury and Chiron also in the mix, some unfinished business from deep in your personal history could be the reason for the season. In other news, there’s the chance to reach a turning point in a financial issue that’s been keeping you up at night. Seek a second opinion – especially the advice of wise women – to get a steer on what to do next.


Those Serious Relationship Issues that have been causing you concern could have a breakthrough this week, as Venus and Saturn inspire a more sensitive approach. Embracing a more optimistic view of the future, or a willingness to focus on what’s working (rather than what’s not) could imbue a newfound softness to the overall mood. An older female friend or relative could help you find a new path through the current quandary. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


A friend or colleague has the potential to bring some much-needed perspective to a work issue that’s been sapping your energy for quite a while. If that person doesn’t magically present themselves, reach out to someone who inspires and embodies both spiritual and professional wisdom. Meanwhile, the Equinox signals a big burst of energy in the lives of those closest to you. If they’ve been feeling flat, consider the pep in their step fully restored, as of Wednesday (AEST and GMT).


Ready to get sweaty? With Aries season upon us, your most cardio-inspired season of the year is about to take off (from Wednesday AEST and GMT). Capitalise on the energy by reactivating that Class Pass and making friends with the Reformer. At work, a conversation or directive could stir up some very old baggage around being bossed around. Look beyond the initial “ouch” to see what healing needs to be done. There’s some deeper learning on offer if you’re willing to look past the immediate irritation.


Praise be! The fiery fun of Aries season is knocking on your door. From Wednesday onwards (AEST and GMT) you’re invited to shake off the hazy uncertainty of Pisces season and get amongst it. While a heart-to-heart with an important woman in your life (think mum, flatmate, sister) could help you accept the season of “hard” you’re feeling, especially on the home front right now, Aries season brings a new lease on life. Embrace the change!


A problem shared is a problem halved. This week, seek counsel from a wise and/or older woman to help you make sense of an ongoing roadblock. That fresh perspective should help you zoom out and let go of that “stuck” feeling that’s been draining you of energy. Meanwhile, Aries season (from Wednesday AEST and GMT) signals a whole lot of action and excitement on the home front. Brace yourself for a shake-up, things are about to get interesting.


If you find yourself in a flap – especially about cash flow – the perspective of a trusted confidante will help set you straight this week. A breakthrough conversation with a woman you trust and admire could help pave the way for a new approach. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but you’ll be better off for it long term. Consider it a parting gift from Pisces season, before the Equinox (Wednesday AEST and GMT) signals a fiery change of pace and a renewed focus on a longer-term storyline.


Are you ready to get serious? It’s now or never this week as Venus and Saturn inspire you to tackle a very grown-up conversation. With the sweetness of Venus greasing the wheels, the sky is on your side to deliver the news with sensitivity and compassion. That won’t mean it it’s a walk in the park, but you know what needs to be said to get the job done. The Equinox (Wednesday AEST and GMT) will bring a renewed focus to cashflow, so get this last piece of homework out of the way so you can move on to the next order of business.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.