By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes March 25–31: Endings, Beginnings And Readjustments Starts Now

This week heralds the arrival of eclipse season! It also gives you a reprieve from that voice inside your head that worries about everything. Get ready, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Eclipse season kicks off this week (25 March AEST and GMT) ushering in an action-packed couple of weeks. It all begins with big, bold lunar eclipse coinciding with some major developments around the Aries/Libra part of your chart. Toxic tendencies to be overly compliant or anxious around what other people think/say/believe of you are ready to be put to bed. Only you can know what is right for you and what you need to come back into balance.

Although things may feel a little fiery, beneath the surface there is an opportunity for you to let go and move on. As hard as it may feel right now, the ending can be healing. With Venus and Jupiter working together, the potential for deep cathartic release is huge.

Eclipse season is always about letting go, rather than forcing hands or pushing other people for an outcome but this one is especially tied to stillness (thank Venus in Pisces, this eclipse’s ruler). If you find yourself holding on for dear life or frantically scrambling to orchestrate a specific result, trust that whatever slips away over the next couple of weeks was not intended for your next chapter.


Ding ding! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Big Life Stuff coming to fruition. With your closest relationships under the microscope, this week you could just get closure on something that’s been dragging on for 12 months. When you feel things coming to a head, try to stay present and hear out the other person – even if they’re pressing all your buttons. There is some deeper work to be done here, but you won’t get to it if you’re too busy trying to be the righteous one.


There are times to hustle, but this week is not one of them (as much as you may want to do otherwise). Consider this your permission to go to ground. Your health and wellbeing is in the spotlight with this week’s eclipse, setting the tone for the next couple of weeks. Taking time out to rest, regroup and replenish your nervous system is your number one priority.


Ooh la la! It’s a spicy little story this week as Monday’s full moon sets the scene for some very interesting times. If you’re single, a situationship could take a dramatic turn. Regardless of your relationship status, the eclipse could manifest as a snap decision around an area of excess (think: booze, sugar, shopping). Look for the plot twist that brings certainty to something that’s been draining your energy since April last year.


Limber up little crab, it’s time to find your equilibrium. As hard as it may seem, you can affirm your position without being a bulldozer. Equally, you can be kind without being a doormat. Deep healing is on offer if you’re willing to go there, but you need to move past pettiness to get to the good stuff. An old wound or a bad habit rooted deep in family dynamics (or trauma – or both!) is ready to be processed.


With eclipse season highlighting big storylines around how you reconcile your own grand plans with the wants and needs of those around you, expect to see some major “me” vs “we” themes come to life. You don’t need to do anything per se, other than wait and watch with curiousity as to where you’re being invited to let go. Then, when you get your big Elsa “let it go” moment, don’t be afraid to loosen your grip and release.


It’s all about the money this week with eclipse season inviting you to reflect on your finances. Talking about money can be icky but if you can reframe cash as another manifestation of your energy, it might feel a little less overwhelming. How are you being called to spend, save and lend your energy? What causes, people and goals do you want to lend it to? By the same token, what causes, people or goals are not worthy of your energy (or cash)? Something to think about in the week ahead…


Hold on tight, because eclipse season is fully activated, and you may just find yourself at the centre of the excitement. With the astrology highlighting your need to be admired and accepted, plan for some tricky situations this week. When you’re faced with a quandary, ask yourself, “If I had no regard for how my actions would be judged by others, what would I do next?” Chances are, the zero-effs route isn’t practicable, but something in the middle might just be a new road to explore…


There’s a break in the weather for Scorps this week that should make for a welcome reprieve. Sure, everyone around you may seem like they’re going slightly mad, but at least you’re not playing a starring role. Expect things at work to feel a little tricky, as colleagues (especially anyone you manage) ramp up the drama. Hold your centre. Think before you speak and don’t make any snap decisions: this is only the beginning…


The strength of your network is highlighted this week as the eclipses cast a spotlight over your social connections. Old wounds around how you show up socially – especially in the context of what others think of you – are reopened, but there is a deeper purpose. Move beyond the initial discomfort (and defensiveness) and you’ll find you’re getting presented with the opportunity to do things differently. Now it the time to leave some long-held baggage behind for good.


Ready for a reawakening? This eclipse season hits big for Capricorn folks. With the axis between your private and professional life activated, the potential for deep healing and fresh starts is huge. Your greatest challenge will be allowing things to unfold in their own time. No hustling, pushing or hard yards required. What’s meant for you is coming, all you need to do is trust that you’re exactly where you need to be for the Next Right Thing to come your way.


The tension between “I” vs “us” is a life-long battle for Aquarian folks, and this eclipse season promises to highlight that journey in new and interesting ways. As the urge to compromise and compensate bubbles up, your challenge this week is to explore what a middle ground might feel like. What old patterns – or relationships – that make you feel you have to walk on eggshells are ready to be put to bed? The sticky situations will manifest close to home (siblings and extended family especially).


Your relationship to money takes a starring role this week as the eclipses ask you to reflect, reframe and release. That’s not an invitation to make it rain…although you may feel the urge to buy up big – especially in the first half of the week. On the contrary, reframing your relationship with money and how you spend gives pause for thought. Exploring a middle ground between impulsive splurging and overly anxious mattress stuffing, is the name of the game.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International