By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes May 13–19: A Week of Cleansing and Finding Joy

There's a clarifying quality to the energy this week, says astrologist Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The glass looks decidedly half full this week as Uranus, Jupiter and the sun join forces, supercharging confidence, and optimism and challenging you to turn things on your head. It’s big visionary energy, as storylines that have felt like a source of chaos or instability suddenly offer new inspiration to move forward.

There’s a clarifying quality to the energy, where you might feel a sense of focus or visibility to get past a roadblock. Once Mercury moves into Taurus (Thursday AEST; Wednesday GMT) finding a more practical, steady approach will help temper recent weeks’ more scattershot dealings. The slowness of the shift could feel like a shock – or deliver a surprise towards the end of the week (Friday AEST – Mercury square Pluto).

The message for this final week of Taurus season is clear: don’t overcook things. Sometimes things aren’t as difficult as you make them. Acceptance, simplicity and presence can make almost any problem feel 10 times lighter.

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There’s a cool change coming this week as Mercury moves out of your home sign and into the steady, earthy goodness of Taurus. That’s good news if you’ve been feeling like your mouth is running faster your mind can keep up (or vice versa). It’s just another nudge to get smart about big-picture cash questions that have been hanging over your head. Gym bunnies be warned: mind your step around next weekend when a surge of energy could see you pushing a little too hard – especially in the physicality stakes.


The good vibes keep flowing this week with some pretty rosy weather coming your way. It’s the sort of week where you might find yourself contemplating a huge move or a new look. “Newer, shinier and a tad unexpected” are the base notes as the Sun brings renewed clarity to longer-term storylines unfolding front and centre in your life. Use the rush of optimism to take a chance on something – or someone – out of the box. “The same” isn’t always better.


Easy does it! With your home season just around the corner, this is your final call to disconnect and recharge before the fun begins. With the planets offering an unusually sharp perspective on your subconscious, you’re gifted a 20/20 vision for introspection. With your inner world illuminated, gaining fresh insights into what lies deep beneath the surface, beyond the chatter, could be genuinely illuminating. Knowing your fear is the first step to taming it.


A girls’ trip, last-minute invite or spontaneous knees-up has the potential to deliver grid-worthy memories this week. While the good times roll (and roll they will!), a friend or colleague could come to the fore, and show you an entirely different side of themselves. It’s a pleasant surprise, and this new vision could inspire some bigger-picture resolve to do things differently in your own life, going forward.


As your ruling planet (the Sun) gets a surge of electric feels from Uranus and Jupiter, it’s a brilliant week for clarity, resolve and big-picture planning. Capitalise on the jubilant vibes by taking a punt on something out there, professionally. Whether it’s volunteering for a project beyond your comfort zone or asking that insanely impressive person to be your mentor, the planets are on your side to swing and hit a home run.


With Mercury (your ruling planet) shifting signs this week, rising above the white noise – or carnage as the case may be – will suddenly feel that little bit easier. At the same time, your visibility and perspective on longer-term plans for travel, study or spiritual betterment is clearer than it’s been in months. Cherish the opportunity to take a chance on something newer, brighter, and better. Let security, calm and connection be your motivating forces and stay grounded as you make practical, long-term plans.


As any outstanding saltiness with your main squeeze continues to soften, there’s a sense of calm, peace and perspective this week. With the overall pace slowing to a gentle plod you’ll find yourself with the time to take stock of all the simple things that make life beautiful. Like slowly turning a kaleidoscope, a new way of framing something that’s been right in front of you could inspire a sense of pure joy. Don’t overthink it, just savour every last bite.


It’s a big week for Scorpios as challenges (maybe even flaws) in your closest relationships are offered the opportunity for deep cleansing and renewal. The scars may remain, but you’ll be able to see things with fresh eyes as the planets afford you the space and clarity to step back and appreciate the good with the bad. Don’t overcomplicate things; there’s every chance the state of play is not as difficult as you’ve made it in your mind.


A new approach to an ongoing source of instability at work has the potential to pay off this week. With the Sun bringing a sense of lucidity to proceedings, look for the light bulb moment you’ve been needing. Stepping back and zooming out to see things from a distance could help – especially towards the end of the week – when your ruling planet gets a dose of visionary insight around Friday (all time zones).


If this week had a playlist, it would be called “The Garden of Unexpected Delights”. As the last week of Taurus season turns up the joy, you’re afforded a luscious window to follow the crumbs (possibly literally!) and do what makes you feel good. Prioritising pleasure, slowness and time in nature will pay off tenfold, so step away from the productivity apps for a minute and just let yourself be.


Building on the sweetness of last week’s new moon, Aquarian folks are dealt another chance to wipe the slate clean. A source of instability or anxiety at home or with a family member could suddenly feel lighter and more manageable as you glean a new perspective or approach, accepting “what is”. With Jupiter also activated your ability to rise above the chatter and see the wisdom in what’s been done or said, has the potential to be deeply healing.


You’re off to the races straight out of the gate this week as new developments promise a sense of inner peace. An issue – possibly around the community or your family that’s been churning you up – could be reinvented, helping you make Limoncello out of lemons. As new facts or ideas come to light, seeing the bigger picture rather than holding onto panic will help calm and nourish your soul.  If you’re struggling to connect to the sense of groundedness, get yourself into nature quick smart.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.