By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes May 20–27: Relax, Get Cosy, and Spend Time With Loved Ones

The good times will peak during Thursday's full moon in Sagittarius.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Slip into something more cashmere because there’s only one way to roll into this week, and it’s in comfort mode. While Gemini season brings some much-needed levity to the overall mood, all eyes are on Jupiter and Venus who are casting an indulgent glow over the whole week.

This is “because I feel like it” weather at its ooey, gooey best. The good times peak around the full moon in Sagittarius (Thursday AEST and GMT) – a playful moment to grab someone you love and do something just for the fun of it.

Next weekend, Jupiter departs Taurus, and starts its year-long journey through Gemini, turning up your appetite for banter, play and social frivolities. Until then, pour yourself a wine and get horizontal.

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Amex at the ready, you’ll be hard-pressed not to spend like Beyonce and Jay at Christies. With Jupiter and Venus making you feel extra flush, ordering the pricy Malbec is a necessity, not an option. With Jupiter about to depart Taurus (Saturday GMT; Sunday AEST), this may be a time to just enjoy the luxury and worry about the bill later – at least for this week.


If this week were a lipstick shade, it’d be called “investment piece”. With Venus and Jupiter playing sexy sax, and a full moon loosening your purse strings, this week has “add to cart” written all over it. Ask for more bread, book the HydraFacial or snap up something you’ve been making eyes with for months. It’s a once-in-a-year going on so let your hair down (ooh, extensions maybe?) and treat yourself.


If you’ve been feeling a little meh of late brace yourself Gemmy because things are about to get a whole lot lighter. With the sun blazing through your home sign, your season is underway, bestowing an undeniable pep in your step. With Venus and Jupiter also in cahoots for the full moon, you’d be crazy not to grab someone you love more than life itself and do something utterly indulgent. Hotel stay, road trip, extra-long ladies’ lunch. Don’t let the good vibes pass you by.


While technically your most social season of the year (Taurus season) is done, there are still a few days of sweetness to wring out while Jupiter and Venus finish up their residency. Pack a weekend and take off for a few nights with a girlfriend whose presence makes you feel both silly and utterly yourself. The full moon (Thursday AEST and GMT) highlights the thrill of adventure and escape from the grind. It’d be rude not to do something last minute.


Look out Leo! Your charm mode is fully activated this week. There’s one final gift before Jupiter leaves Taurus (Saturday GMT and Sunday AEST). With Venus and Jupiter bringing serendipity to your professional sphere, it’d be wrong not to make a power move. If you haven’t already been in touch with that potential mentor or had the pay rise conversation with your manager, this week is as good a moment as you’ll get. Network, manage up, apply for that “never in a million years” position. You never know your luck in a big city.


As Gemini season brings your mind and focus to all things home and family-related, there’s a shift that feels lighter, brighter and more optimistic. What may have felt like a stalemate last week suddenly feels more malleable. It may not manifest as a clear edict but a greater capacity for ambiguity – taking uncertainty in your stride now more effortless. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, when the synchronicities flow – especially around the community, extended family and business, be ready to jump on them.


Keep your eyes and heart open this week as your ruling planet (Venus) sets the scene for connection, adventure and deep intimacy. As Jupiter calls the last drinks in your house of shadow, secrets and sharing it is excellent weather to hand over the reins or pour your heart out. The full moon (Thursday AEST and GMT) reignites your appetite for adventure and reminds you just how much more fun life can be without a game plan.


Ease, gratitude, simplicity­ – while they may be aspirations, they may not be words we necessarily equate with the reality of close relationships. Still,  they are exactly what’s on offer this week. As Venus and Jupiter offer one last embrace, the sky is primed for you to make meaningful connections. If you’re single, look at who or what appears this week (before Saturday GMT or Sunday AEST). If you’re coupled up, don’t overthink it; just enjoy the snuggly vibes and prioritise togetherness.


Whether you know it or not, you’ve been getting a masterclass in work these past 12 months. Keeping it simple, focusing on consistent, honest efforts, and taking your time – it’s all been a part of your lesson. For someone who likes to forge a road less travelled, it may have felt hard to swallow. This week, before Jupiter leaves the realm of your day-to-day you receive your gift – the reward of all the “learning” and “character building”. Your only chore? Keep your eyes and mind open, so you don’t let the opportunity pass you by.


This Taurus season has been especially rosy for Caps, inspiring you to make great art – or love – or both. This week, while we’re technically moving into Gemini territory you’re granted one last hurrah, a luscious, indulgent, escape where grandiosity and the joy of human connection combine – preferably under the mantle of 1000 thread count sheets. There’s nothing to do or learn, other than the idea that things can be easy and nice and not have to follow extreme toil. Don’t feel guilty, just savour the loveliness of this fleeting moment.


Connection, kindness and compassion are the order du jour this week with Venus and Jupiter turning up the warm and fuzzies, especially behind closed doors. If you’ve been wrestling with something big at home or with a family member over the past 12 months, the olive branch or solution you’ve been reaching for may finally present itself. Don’t get worked up second-guessing intentions, this is a week to take things at face value and believe that things could be this simple.


There’s glass-half-full feels to this week, as you’re blessed with some extra good vibes to help you see the lighter side of life. Mining the goodness out of things just as they are, without rushing to the rescue or laying down to lift someone up (at your own expense) will be a delicious source of joy. Commune with nature. Eat carbs. Laugh and play. There is goodness in spite of what’s hard right now. A new season of expansion, excitement and learning is just around the corner and Jupiter in Gemini initiates a 12-month period focused on your home and family.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.