By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes November 13 – 19: A Spicy Start to the Week + Sexual Chemistry to Finish

A new moon and a new energy. Read your weekly horoscopes now with astrologer Emma Vidgen.
horoscopes november 13 19
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

We’re off and racing this week with a very spicy new moon bringing plenty of get-up-and-go to proceedings. It’s the sort of energy reset you can use to cut things out of your life. Old clothes, bric-a-brac, badly behaved people – they’re all up for a big ol’ clear-out. With a significant serving of grit, the momentum you’ll feel should get you past the first few days of “did I do the right thing?” and into the clear. On the weekend, Mars, the power that rules confidence, assertiveness and sexual chemistry gets an energetic reset.

Hot tip: I always recommend you read your rising sign for the most resonant advice. If you don’t know it, you can work it out by casting your chart here. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of my book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart or find me on Instagram at @emma_vee

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There’s a turbulent quality to this week that could have you acting  – or spending – a little erratic. If you’re on a budget, clear the autofill tool on your browser to keep spontaneous blow-outs at bay, especially in the first half of the week. After Monday’s fiery new moon (all time zones) you’ll get another shot at resetting on the 18th (all timezones) ­– the perfect window to get serious about a long-term investment goal.


Fasten your seatbelts, because the week looks nothing if not eventful! With a new moon activating some spontaneous, OTT outbursts, it could feel like the earth is literally moving under your feet. As Uranus and Mars shake up your closest bonds, it’s the sort of week where off-the-cuff comments could spiral into something big with the ones you love. Tread carefully, and if your other half seems edgy, give them the benefit of the doubt.


How good are you at listening to your body? Tuning into what you need is essential to navigating the wild astro weather this week. It’s a time to slow, or be slowed, as Mars and Uranus do their best to get you operating at lightning speed. Letting yourself explore exactly how you manage your time and productivity is the deeper lesson here. If an out-of-the the-box approach (think: A Motion subscription or hiring a Virtual Assistant) to handling your calendar appeals, then this could just be the week to give it a shot.


Some weeks the stars deliver a very clear road sign: “slow down” or “proceed with caution” and this week is definitely one of those weeks. With Mars stirring the pot and potentially triggering (possibly underlying/ongoing) conflict with friends, you could find yourself in the middle of an altercation before you can say “Real Housewives”. If you’re not in the mood to go a few rounds, treat yourself to some low-key solitary activities and remember this too shall pass.


If this week were a bumper sticker it would say “A Little Bit Dramatic”. Whichever way you slice it, there’s a lot of intense “what did you mean by that?!” energy pinging around and unfortunately it’s going to be hard to stay out of the crossfire. Expect any tricky conversations (and even not-so-tricky ones) with family to escalate quickly. If you’re worried someone might have taken something you said the wrong way, assume the worst; this is definitely not the week to ask your parents about their will or come clean about some long-forgotten teenage misadventure.


Got a bone to pick? If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, you can bet this is the week you’ll be tempted to pick it. Grudges, rivalries, back-handed compliments, they’re all likely to rise to the surface, and/or hit the target this week with Mars extra activated in your communications sphere. With Uranus also in the mix, the results could be far beyond what you expected. Take it easy and keep things light if you don’t feel like dealing with the fallout.


Credit cards at the ready! There’s a distinctly spendy flavour this week that could have you digging into your “in case of emergency” account without a second thought. Whether it’s retail therapy to soothe frayed nerves (the wider energy this week is a lot ) or your car suddenly needs new tyres, unexpected expense could throw that famous Libra balance. When it gets real, take a big breath, and maintain your composure. As big as it may seem in the moment, this is only a momentary wobble.


With excitement dialled up to 11 this week, you could find yourself at the centre of the action. Exactly how ideal that is will depend on your chart – and how well you handle a little shock and awe, but however it shakes out, this week is an especially potent one for your sign. With your ruling planet getting a once-in-every-two-years reset, it’s the next best thing to getting a New Year glow up. With Mars involved, it’s a little less facial-and-foils and a little more burn-it-down-and-start-again. Spontaneity, surprises and unexpected impulses will make this one especially interesting.


How is your relationship with anger? This week the skies challenge you to explore how you handle rage. On a surface level, things could tick you off, but dig deeper and you’ll discover there is an opportunity here to investigate how well you cope when things don’t go to plan. Try to maintain a sense of compassionate curiosity rather than beating yourself up if you fly off the handle. If you don’t like what you see, Saturday’s skies are a great moment to turn over a new leaf, or consider taking a more active (literally, physically sweat it out) approach to processing emotions.


Brace yourself because there could be some pretty tricky manoeuvring required this week, with Mars – the planet that rules confrontation – taking aim. With the drama manifesting around your social circle, conversations with friends could get heated when you least expect it. It’s one of those weeks where your stoic Cappy façade could be mistaken for something more judge-y. Avoid the drama and err on the side of bubbly.


The chaos and excitement of eclipse season continues to reverberate this week as competing priorities between work and home have you feeling torn between two worlds. Wildcards from all sides will keep you on your toes – and potentially leave you feeling totally tapped out. Let the weekend be a moment to clarify exactly what you don’t want (especially work wise), as a new, two-year career cycle takes hold.


Expect to call on all your Piscean reserves to bend, sway and stretch this week as the skies deliver an action-packed line-up of drama. While the volatility may not take aim at you directly, it may be tricky not getting caught up in the intensity by proxy. When you feel yourself getting sucked in, reaffirm your boundaries, and don’t be afraid to politely leave the table if things get too heated. This is not the week to rush into the fray and courageously try to fight someone else’s battle for them.

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