By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes November 20 – 26: Sagittarius Season Kicks Off With a Serious Start

The fun is about to begin. But first, here's how to really read those speed bumps you're currently experiencing.
horoscopes november 20 2023
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Sagittarius season. For astrologers, it’s the cue that party season (23 Nov AEST; 22 Nov GMT) has officially arrived. But this year, it kicks off with a more serious start, thanks to Saturn (aka the cosmic handbrake) demanding you rein it in and check we’ve really thought things through before you kick off your heels and launch up onto the bar.

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Although that moment doesn’t reach fruition until the back half of the week (23 and 26 November AEST; 22 Nov and 25 Nov GMT) its influence will be felt from Monday. It’s a frustrating experience, that despite being more determined and clarified than you’ve been in months (thanks to last weekend’s Mars/Sun conjunction) you’re all fired up and ready to take flight, and yet you’re STILL facing roadblocks.

But the speed bumps here for a reason. Use the extra time to go back and check your doors are locked and make sure the GHD is definitely off at the wall. With a full moon just around the corner, the real fun is about to begin.

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There’s a showdown brewing this week but there might be moments when you feel like it’s all in your head. Despite a newfound enthusiasm for getting on with things, progress will be slow. Maybe it’s your inner critic, or maybe it really is someone intentionally blocking you, Either way, it’s unavoidable so rather than trying to bulldoze past, use the detour as a moment to regain your composure.


Chances are you’re in the mood to celebrate the spoils of a hard-fought battle this week. After close to a month of tension with someone significant, last weekend gave you a new lease on life (or perspective on a pain point). But despite your newfound resolve, there’s one last hurdle to clear. As tensions build, one final exchange – potentially over cash – might leave you feeling unsteady. Trust the confrontation is necessary in order to up-level, and move on.


This week, the build towards fireworks could make you feel like you’re taking two steps forward then one step back. This is not a week to try and talk your way out of trouble. With Saturn bearing down like a cranky parent, no amount of hyperbole will get you off the hook. If it was your mistake, own it. If it’s not, consider whether you want to get into a showdown over it. If the answer is “no”, turn the other cheek, because if you do air your grievances, you can expect a Real Housewives-sized drama to ensue.


There are weeks to really push yourself at the gym, double down on classes or sign up for a 28-day challenge. This dear Cancer, is not one of those weeks. Despite feeling a whole lot of motivation to get your body moving (thanks Mars in Sagittarius), with Saturn in the mix, the chance of overreaching and ending up on the bench for a week is high. Take it easy. Rest when you feel the urge. Next week things are looking much less tricky.


The sense of resolve is palpable after a big Mars moment last weekend helped you get clear on something serious around where you’re living, or maybe your relationship with close family member. It was a lot, and no one could blame if you’re ready to let off steam. But try, at least for this week, to keep things low-key. The sky looks much better for letting loose next week.


There’s a flashpoint this week as a desire to charge ahead meet an out-for-your-hands set back. Remember this is momentary, and actually gives you extra time to think thing through a little more strategically. Check and recheck your plan while you’re stuck in traffic (figuratively or literally); you’ll be back in flow next week, so take the time to lie low and enjoy the view.


No sooner had you finally come to a decision on something cash related than everything feels like it’s up in the air again. It’s not your fault, but the roadblock is real. This is, just one of those weeks. Take your vitamins, double check your appointments and if you have to go anywhere further than your front door, plan for it to take twice as long as usual.


The past four weeks has been pretty intense for Scorpio people. You’d be forgiven for thinking a little Black Friday Matches action is just what the doctor ordered. Treat yourself, but don’t go overboard; Saturn’s presence late in the week suggests an unforeseen handbrake on spending could cause some headaches. Avoid the drama by keeping retail therapy well within your means.


The usually sparky start to your home season is significantly more low-fi this year thanks to some big Saturn energy, especially in the back half of the week. Whilst you’ll be feeling more “yourself” than you have in ages, circumstances beyond your control – potentially involving family or a big real estate decision – could keep your feet firmly planted in reality. Trust the setback is momentary and use the detour to recalibrate before next week’s full moon.


Weeks of competing priorities finally comes to an end, as the last days of Scorpio season see a “friends vs your priorities” tug of war subside. The pressure is enough for even the most stoic Caps to dive into a Pinot Collapso, but before you put your OOO on, brace yourself for one more pressing (potentially annoying) matter. The bumpy landing into Sagittarius season towards the end of the week is a tough but necessary speed bump.


That cool, steady feeling of “yes, I know what I need to do” will feel like a breath of fresh air this week. Actually getting going on whatever it is you need to do? Well that won’t be quite so simple. With Saturn ruffling feathers, no amount of sheer willpower (and you have more than most) will expedite circumstances. So save your energy and rather than spinning your wheels, take some time to go within. Beyond next Monday, progress look much easier to achieve.


What’s usually one of the liveliest moments of your astrological year (the start of Sagittarius season) hits a roadblock this week. Despite a renewed vigour – especially at work – there’s the astrological equivalent of a cranky neighbour banging on a wall, shouting for you to keep it down. Minimise altercations by keeping your noise levels within reasonable range, metaphorically speaking. You could kick off, but is it really worth it? Probably not…

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