Each Zodiac Sign Has a Perfect Show Tailored Just for Them

If you're looking for a new streaming TV series to watch, here's which one suits your zodiac sign best.


Not sure what to watch? Need inspiration to decide which TV series to watch next? Try discovering the one that’s perfect for your zodiac sign.

Since each sign has its unique set of characteristics and attributes, it makes perfect sense to match your zodiac sign with a particular TV series.

Here they are!

A TV Series for Every Sign

Aries – Pretty Little Liars

Aries individuals are always seeking new experiences. But they’re also the ones who take the initiative within the group and easily become obsessed.

The perfect show for this sign combines sociality and leadership, just like Pretty Little Liars.

The four protagonist’s friends unite against a stranger who wants to reveal their secrets.

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Taurus – Money Heist

This is a strong, persistent, and stubborn sign.

Taurus individuals are determined, fixate on success and material things, and have unrealistic views of the world.

That’s why Money Heist is the most suitable TV series. The story tells of a heist on the Spanish Mint that tastes like a fight against institutional power.

Gemini – How To Get Away With Murder

Geminis have an inconsistent nature, a sort of double-faced personality.

But they’re also very communicative, sociable, and intellectually curious.

For people like you, How To Get Away With Murder is the perfect series.

A criminal law professor must cover up a murder with the help of a group of students.

Cancer – Gossip Girl

Those born under this sign are very emotional, proud protectors of the things they love and the people closest to them.

However, they can also be moody and vengeful.

That’s why Gossip Girl is perfect for them.

With the right amount of drama, the privileged group of friends from the Upper East Side leads a life of schemes and vendettas but always in the name of friendship.

shows for zodiac sign

Leo – The Queen’s Gambit

Leo is the sign of power. They love to be the best at everything they do, enjoy being in the spotlight, and aren’t afraid to take risks.

That’s why The Queen’s Gambit is your ideal TV series. It revolves around the life of Beth Harmon, who struggles independently to become the greatest chess player in the world.

Virgo – Lupin

Those born under this sign are extremely empathetic but also very stubborn.

Precise, attentive, and perfectionist, nothing excites them more than skillfully collecting details, and meticulously studying them to reach the final conclusion.

The TV series Lupin is perfect for them. After losing his father as a teenager, Assane Diop meticulously studies a plan to complete his mission.

Libra – Suits

Those born under this sign can appreciate some alone time, and easily give in to laziness and love comfort, but every action they take is driven by a sense of justice and the pursuit of balance.

That’s why Suits is the most suitable series for them.

Two lawyers, both brilliant, one sensitive and the other cynical, help their clients not always by following the straight path.

Scorpio – Game of Thrones

Scorpios are known for their intensity and fierce determination.

They’re passionate people but also very competitive, determined, and stubborn.

For this reason, their ideal TV series is something with a strong impact, like Game of Thrones.

The struggle for the throne among seven noble houses leads to massacres and disasters, awakening legendary creatures and dark magical forces.

shows for zodiac sign

Sagittarius – Sex And The City

People born under this sign have great positive energy and are always enthusiastic and adventurous.

Sagittarius people know how to listen, but they also love to give advice and are always seeking the deeper meaning of things, just like Carrie Bradshaw does with her friends in Sex And The City.

Capricorn – Peaky Blinders

Capricorns are tenacious and relentless when it comes to getting what they want.

They have little tolerance for trivialities and consider themselves top-notch problem solvers.

So no melodramatic stories, but TV series with equally determined protagonists, like Peaky Blinders.

Set in the aftermath of World War I, the two lead brothers are ready to assert themselves in the world of local crime and illegal betting.

Aquarius – The O.C.

Aquarius is the most social sign of the zodiac, but at the same time, they love independence and freedom.

They don’t like feeling out of control at all and will do anything to appear calm and confident in every situation.

For this reason, the teen drama The O.C. is the perfect TV series for Aquarians.

shows for zodiac sign

Pisces – You

Those born under this sign have a strong intuition and a great capacity for dreaming, but also a certain emotional instability.

They also have strong empathy that allows them to connect with others’ moods and understand them.

For this reason, they are fascinated by a protagonist like Joe Goldberg, from You, with his mental instability and significant emotional baggage.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.