Nothing Phone (2): The Smartphone You Never Knew You Needed

The one time when Nothing is everything.
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Guess how many people in the world own a smartphone? It’s in the billions. More specifically, 6.93 billion of us. That’s more than 85% of the world. And a phone is truly a mirror of its owner—it can reveal some of the most intimate details about a person. It’s so personal that many ruminate on things like screensavers, phone casings, and ringtones to make sure that they reflect themselves. What if you can stand out without all that? Well, you can with the new Nothing Phone (2).

If you’re not familiar with the brand, that’s because it’s not one of the big leagues (like Apple and Samsung) yet. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a proven track record. The founder, 34-year-old Carl Pei, was previously on the founding team of OnePlus—a brand that has time and time again released flagship killers. Now, Pei has moved on to Nothing, where he has gained the trust of multiple investors with his vision. The tech bigwigs that ponied up for his objectives are famed YouTuber Casey Neistat, iPod inventor Tony Fadell, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and more.

On top of the reasons you should get the Nothing Phone (2) (which you’ll see below), the brand has also made great strides in its sustainability goals. The phone is housed in a plastic-free shell, and they use recycled paper as one of their source for their packaging. The smartphone itself sees recycled materials used across the board. Beyond that, Nothing has made sure that the carbon footprint of the smartphone is significantly less than a lot of others in the market.

But that’s not a feature you’d get to experience in your hands. Keep reading to discover all the reasons that Nothing Phone (2) should be the one you pick up the next time you need a new phone.

3 Solid Reasons Why You Need the Nothing Phone (2)

Customisable Widgets that Keep You Focused

Don’t we all deserve to live in a world where we get to maximise our day? Bid addio to the time you waste digging through apps to get to the information you need. You don’t even need to unlock your phone to access crucial information, because the device allows you to add lock screen widgets. No more checking into the weather app to see what the conditions are like in your area because you can get the info at the flick of the wrist. You can even toggle the flashlight, go into the calculator, and access the QR scanner right from the lock screen.

And if you’re already a user of the Nothing Ear lineup, there’s a home screen widget that indicates the charge for each bud. But don’t worry, Apple purists—it works for AirPods, too.

The New Glyph Interface, a New Essential

This element is easily one of the standout features of the phone. There are 13 functions altogether that you can play around with when it comes to the Glyph Interface. Yes, it’s not just a mere light show. While you may have to take some time to get used to it, when explored thoroughly, it can make all the difference in the world.

There are several preloaded ringtones that come with its own spectral show. But if you fancy yourself a producer or musical genius, the Glyph Composer is where you can tinker around to create your own ringtone—which will have its very own light show, too.

The ultimate use of the Glyph is this: you can still have your pulse on what’s important, even if the screen is facing down, even when it’s on silent mode, even when it’s on do-not-disturb mode. Simply assign your favourite apps and contacts as essential, and the phone will be sure to clue you in when those important notifications need your attention.

As we mentioned, there are 13 functions in total, and these are just a couple that already make the Nothing Phone (2) a strong contender when you’re shopping around for a new device.

Apps Cloning so You Can Have Just One Device

Say your lifestyle requires you to travel a lot, or you just have multiple mobile numbers for the different aspects of your life. There’s no need to have a second phone or go through multiple sign-in and sign-out screens to access your messages. Simply clone the app, and voila, you now have two functional services on one phone. While this may seem like a small perk, trust us when we say that it totally can improve your day-to-day activities.