By Jane Law

Sentul Pavilion: Serenity Within a Private Park

Why your next event should be within nature's embrace.

In partnership with Sentul Pavilion by YTL Land & Development Berhad.

sentul pavilion
Sentul Pavilion by night.

Organising an event involves more than just capturing the essence of the moment itself; it also encompasses the efforts made before and after the event. Space has become such a large factor for individuals to host important events.

Whether it’s for an annual dinner, launch party, or awards ceremony, these pictures will become essential PR materials for the event organiser in the future. It goes without saying that selecting the right venue has become a crucial aspect of event planning—which is why Sentul Pavilion at Sentul West along Jalan Strachan looks to be the trendiest spot for future events. In fact, GRAZIA Malaysia’s launch party was held at this very spot, serving as a platform for what may have been the hottest party of the year.

Zen, Calm, and Peace

American author of the popular business education book The Shibumi Strategy: A Powerful Way to Create Meaningful Change Matthew May once said that the main zen principles of design include simplicity, openness, and nature. These principles are evident in the main design aspects of the main Sentul Pavilion building. 

Take a look at the building’s minimal structure: it has clean lines with no unnecessary clutter. The 10,000 sq. ft of indoor space is divided into two areas: The Foyer and The Hall. The Foyer features a smooth, curved bronze staircase as its main attraction, capable of accommodating up to 100 guests. Meanwhile, The Hall offers a spacious flat ground that can cater up to 300 guests, depending on the space setup. The understated nature of both the interior and exterior design creates an elegant and minimalist atmosphere along with its exceptional functionality.

The Hall features floor-to-ceiling glass that allows natural light to fill the interior, creating a bright and open atmosphere during the day. As night falls, the glasshouse’s lighting takes centre stage, illuminating the surrounding area. In both situations, the spaciousness of the venue is enhanced, creating a sense of expansiveness and freedom. Let’s not forget that the building is surrounded by a private park filled with trees and plants, immersing guests in a natural environment and allowing them to feel connected to nature.

The simplicity and open-to-nature design provides a sense of harmony. The building and its interior’s neutral aesthetic are also important in providing a blank canvas for event organisers to complement their own needs and creativity on venue setup.

Understated Luxury

Staying true to the design ethos of the space, an elegant bonsai tree overlooks the washroom from an adjoining courtyard, painting a picture of serenity. The overall earthy colour palette with a touch of bronze creates a classic combination that evokes a sense of timeless elegance. 

The spacious area, an important element for the luxury theme, is elevated with two circular windows inspired by the Suzhou moon gates, allowing visitors to enjoy more nature from the park. These backgrounds effectively serve as the focal point, leading the eyes towards the grand white Calacatta marble basin. To reconnect the space with nature, a well-shaped Bonsai tree in the middle of the washroom complements the picturesque greenery view outside the window.

When stepping into Sentul Pavilion, guests will discover for themselves that everything has been carefully picked out and curated. Just take a look at The Bar, which features an island counter made from luxurious marble, or the opulent custom-designed Axminster carpet in subtle shades of azure. It’s clear that the space has been designed with high attention to detail, leaving guests to marvel at the space when they enter it.

In addition to these ornamental designs, the venue is equipped with thoughtful facilities including ample parking space, an arrival court that allows buggies to drive in for pick-up and drop-off, a kitchen with commercial-grade equipment fit for professional chefs, and more for you to explore. Understated luxury is all about the finer details that most miss out on.

With its modern and stylish aesthetic that remains perfectly timeless throughout the years, you can be assured that Sentul Pavilion will always deliver a captivating experience. Contact them for more details on how you can plan your next great event at their website or drop them an email at

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