By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes January 1–7: A Lesson in Patience to Start the New Year

Mercury retrograde is coming to an end this week. But don't get too keen to resolve problems just yet, says astrologer Emma Vidgen. Be guided by your first horoscope reading of 2024.
horoscopes january 2024
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

A new week kicks off a new year and it’s a fresh start, or at least, a new outlook straight out of the gate. With a decidedly murky Mercury retrograde coming to an end (Tuesday GMT), there’ll be a strong urge to figure out what you’re going to do next. But with Mercury still squaring Neptune, visibility (metaphorically speaking) is still a little hazy. As much as you may feel like rushing to resolve that thing, try to take things one step at a time. All will become clear, or at least clearer, in time…just maybe not by the end of this week.

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How are your cash goals looking for 2024? With Jupiter bringing one final burst of good vibes to your money sphere (until May), it’s a great week to ponder you’d like to achieve. Set any lofty saving goals for the first half of the year when Jupiter is on your side to go for gold. In other news, if travel mayhem left you high and dry last week, you might get an update on that lost luggage (even if the luggage itself doesn’t materialise). It’s not a total fix, but it’s a start.


The afterglow from Jupiter’s station around NYE echoes through this week, renewing your sense of confidence and faith that this might just be your year. Ride that high and use it to help you navigate any tricky conversations you can’t avoid – especially related to cash. As the resolution chapter of the retrograde cycle kicks off, now is the time to start unpicking those “where to from here?” chats. You don’t need to have all the answers, but you do at least need to start thinking about it…


Chances are you’ve had some pretty serious chats the past 10 days that may have left you reconsidering, just about everything. Maybe things are still feeling unfinished, or perhaps you’re ready to move forward (or move on?). This week it’s about making small but manageable steps. If you try to focus on the bigger picture and how you’re going to get all the way to the end goal, things could feel too intimidating. Instead, break things down into manageable chunks and do what you need to work through the here and now. Easy does it.


In the wake of last week’s emotional showdown, no one would blame you for needing a cup of tea and a lie down. If that’s what your boyd is calling for, then honour that urge and hunker down. As we move towards a dark moon scaling back rather than ramping up is the order of the week. Give yourself a minute to recover and trust that while things might be moving in the right direction it’s also 100% ok to not have a solution to everyone else’s crap right now.


Following a thunderclap of hope, optimism and “I think I can!” feels (thank Jupiter) over last weekend, this week is all about moving forward… but gently. As tempting as a 2024 resolution is to race ahead at breakneck speed, give yourself a chance to regroup and start shuffling ahead. If a situationship has been giving you the run around over the holidays, clarity may begin to unfurl. Play your cards close to your chest and wait to see what happens rather than jumping to conclusions.


Praise be! There’s a shred of a plan within this sight this week with your ruling planet lurching forward. Unfortunately the switch from “WTF is happening” to “business as usual” won’t be immediate. It’s a process; patience will serve you very well. Reserve judgement and try to focus on the here and now rather than projecting way ahead (or spiralling back to what was said last week). No one is expecting you to forget (or forgive), but you will need a little forward momentum before you can get on with things.


Glorious news for Libra folks: the season of discord and discombobulation that is Merc retrograde is wrapping up. But first, you’ll need to wade through the chaos that resulted from last week. Whatever was said, or not said, may hang in the air. It could feel like your ears are ringing from a very loud, very angry gig (Slipknot reunion perhaps?) especially the first part of the week. By Friday, things feel a little less irritating and getting on with what needs to be done will be easier.


Feeling good? You should be. With Jupiter letting off fireworks in your most intimate relationships, there’s a sense that you’ll feel “better, together” this week. Ride that high into the rest of the week as the aftermath of Mercury retrograde churns up your cash sphere. It’s not a reason to get your knickers in a knot, but trust that the fallout from last week’s drama will take a little bit of elbow grease – or at least clarification –  before it’s completely resolved.


If you feel like you’ve been talking under water with a mouth full of marbles the past 10 days rest assured things are about to get easier. With Mercury now direct, that feeling of being misunderstood should start to wane. Even still, you might still need to go above and beyond to ensure your message lands how you intended. After Friday, the very real frustration you’ve been feeling with scrambled communication should ease. Hang in there, five more sleeps


On paper, it should be the neat and tidy start to a new year that makes a Capricorn positively gleeful! Mercury retrograde is done, Jupiter is direct and it’s time to get on with your to-do list. But before you can get to cleaning up shop and throw yourself into a new workout schedule, there’s still a hangover of last year’s stuff to deal with. Leave anything hard or tedious ‘til the weekend when it will feel 100x easier. Once Mars hits your home sign (Thursday GMT), you’ll be feeling more motivated than you have in weeks.


Mercury retrograde may be over but there’s still a sense of ambiguity about the start of the year. That’s good news if you’ve not quite yet decided on any New Year’s resolutions, but bad news if you’re trying to get to the bottom of a situation that’s been hanging in limbo. Lean into the uncertainty and trust that after next week, things should feel a lot less confusing. For now, take it easy, relax and try to get some self-care in whenever possible. This is your season for regeneration and repair – don’t deny yourself that precious time.


While the dust settles on last week’s drama, this week, it’s time to start untangling those knots – emotional, social, familial or all of the above. The good news? With Jupiter also now moving forward, tapping into a sense of pragmatic optimism feels a little easier. What may be trickier is that you can’t take a shortcut to get to a solution. This is going to take some time, but if anyone can handle being in limbo, you can. Relax and go with the flow. Right now, all you need to focus on is the next best step.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.