Homegrown Beauty Brands that can Go Toe to Toe with Your International Faves

From understanding the local climate to taking notes on your niche pain points, these are the brands to dive into when all else fail.
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If you know, you know. This phrase applies to avid beauty lovers who have ventured out of the renowned international mainstream and instead browsed a little closer to home, turning stones to discover local gems—Malaysian beauty brands.

Over the past decade, this arena has undergone a boom and has garnered much appreciation, with many looking forward to more and more launches. Some even go as far as growing an audience regionally, attracting the attention of Singaporeans, Indonesians, and Bruneians. 

And they’re not your run-of-the-mill, fame-backed (though some of the frontmen do have some celebrity) brands either. At the heart of it all are entrepreneurs who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can bring to the table, all without tearing a hole in your wallet. Their advantage? They are the ones that come face to face with local ires such as Malaysia’s humidity and heat, so they have a targeted focus when creating a product. Malaysian beauty brands also have a deeper understanding of our interests, which include inclusivity and the kinds of colours that work with Malaysian skin tones. 

Not only that, but the formulations that they come up with are highly competitive. Just look at Lumi Beauty and Chuck’s. Both are made in South Korea, a country currently regarded as the mecca of skincare innovations. P.S. Knudsen ventures to Morrocco to come up with its supple prickly pear seed oil. Velvet Vanity’s iconic liquid matte lipsticks have gotten upgrades to keep up with the current. And Plummp’s moisturiser doesn’t only come with cute packaging, but also with a tool to enhance the cream’s performance. All that is to say this: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Keep reading to discover homegrown brands that are not only worth your while, but will also become a treasured member of your arsenal. 

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