5 Things the GRAZIA Malaysia Team Loves About the Nespresso CitiZ Platinum

Coffee for days.

Ah, coffee–the elixir of life, the source of creativity, the draught of awakening. What would the GRAZIA Malaysia team do without the magic that is caffeine? Imagine our delight when we got the Nespresso CitiZ Platinum; the newest launch from the brand, alongside their limited-edition festive collection.

The sleek new coffee machine is not only stylish and fits seamlessly into any modern home; it’s also super compact–and it looked right at home in our cosy little office. Everyone in the team has different coffee preferences, which made the CitiZ Platinum a great device to cater to all our whims. With four different coffee size settings, we could have all the types of coffee we’d ever need.

Below, I asked every GRAZIA Malaysia team member to find out what they enjoyed about having the CitiZ Platinum device in the office after a month.

1. Stylish Design

“I like the CitiZ Platinum’s compact size. It’s perfect for any–and all–spaces. It’s almost portable in a way.” – Najihah Rashid, Senior Beauty & Digital Writer

“It has a sleek, no-nonsense design.” – Lorraine Chai, Fashion Writer

With clean lines and a monochromatic silver and black colour, the CitiZ Platinum sports a timeless design that matches nearly any space it’s in. If you’re the sort who loves it when your kitchen appliances blend in rather than stand out, the CitiZ Platinum is for you.

2. Fuss-Free Brewing

“I enjoy the quick brews and consistent flavour. It’s also an efficient way to get a cup of coffee, especially when I’m in the office and I need a quick energy boost.” – Sarah Chong, Watch & Fashion Editor

While it may be small, the CitiZ Platinum is most certainly mighty. It’s engineered with a powerful heating element, allowing you to get a cup of coffee quickly and reliably.

3. A Different Kind of “Quiet” Luxury

“The CitiZ Platinum is a whisper–it’s quiet and almost inconspicuous when making a cup of coffee. Now, I can enjoy my coffee without disturbing anyone, which is a plus in our rather quiet office.” – Ian Loh, Editor-in-Chief

4. Flexibility is Key

“I love flexibility, and the CitiZ Platinum offers me just that. I no longer have to choose between just two coffee sizes, as this device offers four different sizes (Espresso, Lungo, Americano, and Americano XL), and the same spout also dispenses hot water. All that in one slim device? I love that for me.” – PohNee Chin, Managing Editor

nespresso citiz platinum
The Nespresso Fusalp Original Advent Calendar will go perfectly with this machine.

5. Auto Off

“I’m a fuss-free person, and that sometimes means I forget to take that extra step to turn off the device. Luckily, the CitiZ Platinum has some energy-saving modes in place.” – Nikita Nawawi, Jewellery & Features Editor

The CitiZ Platinum goes into eco-mode after two minutes of inactivity and automatically turns itself off after nine minutes of inactivity. For busy people who can sometimes forget to turn off their devices–blame the pre-coffee brain–this coffee machine will help you out.

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