NIGO is Penfolds’ First-Ever Creative Partner

The Human Made founder leads the release of a new range of wines, One by Penfolds.
penfolds by nigo

NIGO is a man of great taste. Not only has he been setting trends and shaping cultures for decades, but now he is lending his creative vision to Australian luxury wine producer.

Penfolds recently threw a party in Hong Kong for the global launch of One by Penfolds. Billed as a new and disruptive concept in the world of winemaking, the new range of wines celebrates “oneness” that embraces what makes us all different and unique, but also the things that bring us together.

The winemakers are inspired by and have worked with four winemaking regions — Australia, France, China and the United States — to create a worldly set of modern wines with a unique point of view with regional nuances.

Meanwhile, NIGO has designed four animal motifs, in his unmistakable style on the wine labels – a crocodile, rooster, panda, and bear to represent the four winemaking regions respectively.

“I have always loved and enjoyed wine, and Penfolds has always been one of my favourites. My creative partnership with Penfolds is a dream project for which I am grateful for the opportunity”, said NIGO.

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To coincide with the One by Penfold’s launch, Penfolds has announced a new initiative, ‘Penfolds Evermore” – an initiative to make a positive contribution towards a world where future generations can thrive.

One by Penfolds by NIGO is available globally in select retail outlets and e-commerce platforms. For more details and stockist information visit