Vér Bar at Nadodi: Rekindle Your Childhood Memories With These Creative Cocktails

Never a drop too much.
Photo Courtesy of Nadodi and Vér Bar

Located in the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, South Indian and Sri Lankan cocktail bar Vér is the accompanying bar to Nadodi, after their relocation. For their inaugural menu, they are looking back at their childhood for inspiration—specifically, a traditional Indian game that bar manager Apurav Bhatia remembers fondly from his childhood: Seven Stones. But before the drinks are served, we were served some very interesting snacks. Imported all the way from India, the lightly spiced nuts are very addictive savoury treats to pop into your mouth—and they are apparently low calories, too. 

As the name suggests, Seven Stones revolves around a pile of stones placed in the middle of the pitch. The menu “Stones” starts off with five different mixes named after childhood games: Kancha, Snakes and Ladders, Hopscotch, Three-Nought-Four, and Lagori. A card-game novice, we tried the Three-Nought-Four made with rye whiskey and played the card game with our spirited bartender. 

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To score in Seven Stones, hitters will have to hit the stones. Therefore, expect some nostalgia treats that hit hard on your senses. We also had the Mango Bite and the Kalakand. Mixed with cucumber pachadi and lemon, the Mango Bite is deceiving as the sweetness tricks you into drinking faster and wanting more. To spruce it up, the garnish used is a traditional candy that, according to Bhatia, is a memory for most people from the region. With a leathery mouthfeel, it adds an earthy layer to the refreshing drink. As for Kalakand, it is an intriguing drink with Indian-crafted gin as the base and, you guessed it, topped off with kalakand, a type of sweet cheese confectionery from India. It surely is an explosion of flavour in your mouth. 

The Seekers menu is about reminiscing small moments, as a seeker seizes the opportunity and sends the opposing players out before they build the stones back up. Next, we tried a glass of Rainfall. Everyone is familiar with the smell of petrichor: parched earth after the rain, edged with a slight tang of bright vegetal green. That is precisely how Rainfall tastes like—also my personal favourite glass. With a vodka base, the cacao husk and beetroot are apparent as well.

To my surprise, the classics are equally as great. Cocktail drinkers will know that the Daiquiri is a straightforward and clean drink, making it rather hard to tweak—and I’m certainly not a fan of the strawberry daiquiri that looks more like a slushie. Ver’s rendition? SOTI Daiquiri, a rum concoction with a tropical touch: the jackfruit. Not only is the spiky fruit important to India’s food culture, but its subtle sweetness also puts in a layer that doesn’t offset the rum base. 

Vér Bar is, without a doubt, one of my favourite new kids in town with such an interesting concept. I reckon the Rainfall from the Seekers menu is a must-try for all boozie foodies out there as well. The dimly lit bar is also a great place to sit down with your mates, especially those you’ve known from childhood, to reminisce the good ol’ days with each sip.

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Address: Level 7A, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur