These Alternative Bag Brands are the New Luxury

Quality bags that don't break the bank.

Scoring yourself a classic designer bag is a form of investment as they appreciate in value over time but as much as we like the idea, there are times when we cannot justify the price we are paying.

Enter the alternatives that are by no means compromising on quality.

Often under the radar, bag labels like Venczel, Songmont or Polène—though the French luxury label has amassed a whopping amount of 1.8 million followers on Instagram at the point of writing—offer the industry and our wardrobes a new perspective, with innovations like alternative textiles, out-of-the-box designs and an eco-conscious process of making. The investment, in this case, is beyond merely monetary values. 

Owning a luxury bag that ticks all your boxes yet only costs a fraction? We are singing this number. Ahead, we compile a list of alternative luxury bag brands that we have our eyes on, all fairly priced.