Get the Right Fit For Your Peepers with this Guide

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The South Korean eyewear label Gentle Monster, launched a “Gentle High School” campaign for its 2024 Optical collection, issuing everyone an AI-generated student ID with a face-tuned picture of yourself with glasses on—ideally a frame that fits you best. There’s a saying among the fashion fellows that goes like this, “If you want to know who is the most fashionable person in the room, find the one with the best pair of glasses/sunglasses.” Eyewear is, without a doubt, an accessory that can either make or break a look and the most challenging part has to be finding the perfect pair—yes the Bayonetta is geekily adorable, but the line between looking Hadid-hot or your stern English teacher is, in fact, utterly thin. So with that, it’s tantamount to get you fitted with glasses for your face shape.

Truth is, it’s common to have faces that are a mix of various shapes and most often or not, cannot be narrowly defined, hence the goal here is to find the closest shapes or features like cheekbones and jaws and work around them. While we believe everyone should wear what they like regardless of shapes, sizes and colours, especially for those who mastered the art of eyewear; here is a beginner guide for those who are scratching their heads in the optical stores or are new to the eyewear realm.

Keep reading to discover the glasses for your face shape.

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