Lancel and Nia Atasha Serve Looks From AM to PM. Here’s How They Do It

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When it comes to a leather goods brand that’s classic Parisian with a contemporary twist, Lancel may not necessarily come to mind. Yet, the historic brand–created in 1876 doesn’t only focus on its craftsmanship using the finest leathers but also blends timeless style–making it a luxury brand that competes to stay on the edge of its game.

For their Spring Summer 2023 collection, Lancel brings a range of classic looks combined with colours and textures of optimism and visual dynamism. Icons such as the Ninon de Lancel and Rodeo de Lancel get treated with a pop of brightness. The Parisian brand strongly believes in products that are beautiful and practical. Even after decades, each product is created to be used in various ways–from an invisible pocket to adjustable straps. This time, on either occasion, whether for work or play, model Nia Atasha shows how she carries the latest pieces from day to night.


It might be early, but it doesn’t mean one should go out of style. To keep it light for the day, this cool fit is paired with the Mini Baguette Bag from the Roxanne line. Adjustable and removable leather handle with 5 adjustment holes, it’s perfect to have carried over the shoulder or carried as a clutch. Dressed it up or down–it will look great either way.

Mini Baguette Bag Roxane De Lancel in Multico Cappuccino; Top and Trousers, Sandro


Keep it casual with Lancel’s Summer Tote. Contrasted with smooth leather finishes, the printed logo won’t only accompany you on summer getaways, but whenever you’re out and about. The only question is: What colour and size will you pick?

Mini Zip Tote Summer Tote in Natural/Lavender; Jacket, Sandro; Shorts, Maje


Evenings are enchanting interludes where the world slows down, yet the Ninon de Lancel doesn’t stop. Wear it from day to night as the multifaceted piece with its chain and sliding leather shoulder strap allows for different ways to carry it. This bucket bag is made of round, lightweight cowhide leather and offers a structured yet flexible look. This thing is also as sturdy as it gets, designed to carry whatever you might need to bring around.

Mini Bucket Bag Ninon De Lancel in Apple Green/Azur; Top, Maje


The Carryall Rodeo is a signature. From the exclusive metal pieces to the quilted leather, this piece highlights the Maison’s craftsmanship and heritage. A piece like this is a classic for a reason. From the office to a night out, they give off an air of refinement and sophistication.

Mini Zip Carryall Rodeo De Lancel in Optic White; Dress, Sandro


Now it’s time to take it up a notch, or down to subtlety. This bag with a closure and two magnets on the flap has a history. As a re-edition of Lancel’s iconic bag from the archives circa the late 1960s, the Idylle line is known for its padlock jewel signature. At the beginning of Lancel’s founder’s romance in the 1870s, Angèle LANCEL’s husband, Alphonse, gave her a jewel lock to mark their mutual commitment. She then kept this gift with her all her life and reinterpreted it boldly according to her collections.

M Flap Bag Idylle De Lancel in Ocean Blue; Dress, Afiq M; Heels, Stylist’s own.


In the stillness of the silent night, or even if the night never ends, bold bags take centre stage. The Ninon de Lancel in various sizes brings the special maxi chain to attention, adding a touch of excitement and flair. The maxi logo handle, curved details and asymmetrical zip are a signature to the Lancel look where, for decades, this piece will look fresher and more essential than ever.

S Flap Bag Ninon De Lancel in Multico Dragee Pink; Top, Afiq M; Trousers, Nelissa Hilman; Boots, Stylist’s own
STYLING Sarah Chong
HAIR Ckay Liow
LOCATION Else Kuala Lumpur