By Astrid Zulhaime

TUMI Throws a Colour Fest For Their Iconic 19 Degree Range

These new shades are loud, proud, and here.
tumi 19 degree

TUMI’s luggage are not just accessories; they serve as the co-stars in every 21st century traveller’s journey. The epitome of sophistication in the world of luxury travel essentials, TUMI is a constantly innovative brand to suit their status as the trailblazers in international travel and lifestyle. Their ‘quiet luxury’ products elevate jet-setting life into an art form.

For TUMI’s Fall 2023 collection, the travel trendsetters will embody the theme ‘Hypercraft’. The ‘Hypercraft’ mindset focuses on producing premiere products while maintaining a handcrafted look. This season, TUMI holds onto the DNA of their brand while pushing themselves to perform better in terms of style, durability, versatility, and performance. Introducing, the expansion of the beloved TUMI 19 Degree Collection.

tumi 19 degree

TUMI’s Fall 2023 collection presents a vibrantly colourful glow-up for their iconic 19 Degree range. This selection of innovative and timeless travel cases is a staple amongst modern travellers for their lightweight yet durable performance. TUMI’s 19 Degree collection will expand to include exciting new colours and textures named Slate Blue Texture, Blush and Navy Liquid Print, Hunter Green, Deep Plum, and Red.

Strikingly unique, the smooth and flowing lines on the recycled polycarbonate shell of these carry-ons are upgraded with the new matte finish. These latest pieces are a marriage between fashion and top-tier function for travellers looking to make a bold statement while gliding through the airport.

Shop the brand new TUMI 19 Degree Collection here.