By Zara Zhuang

Bringing Back the Brooch: Who Wore It Best at the Oscars 2024

The brooch had quite a moment on the Oscars 2024 red carpet on Sunday. We dig into the best-looking ones spotted.
The brooch had quite a moment on the Oscars 2024 red carpet on Sunday. We dig into the best-looking ones spotted.

While leading ladies have always had the pick of the lot when it came to jewellery for awards red carpets, men have tended to keep it conservative with watches and subtle pieces. Not anymore. If the 96th Academy Awards were anything to go by, men are gravitating to jewellery and to the brooch in particular to dress up their red carpet looks.

“It’s a result of an increasing desire to personalise and punctuate,” says Bertrand Mak on the popularity of jewellery, especially brooches, among men in recent years. The founder of Hong Kong-based brand Sauvereign, Mak designed the HS14 Gem Brooch that Best Actor winner Cillian Murphy wore for the ceremony on Sunday.

“A brooch is generally more versatile than jewellery and can be a powerful means of communication. Given how it is usually prominently displayed on the outer garment, it sends a subtle message—political, diplomatic, sartorial or dramatic—and finds a way to evoke emotions with the wearer, as well as the viewer.”

And when it comes to styling a brooch, there really are no rules, Mak adds. “Style is deeply personal, and ought to reflect one’s personality and character. It is dangerous to allow anything to wear the wearer,” he says. “I know many genuine collectors who possess an epic collection that only sits in their safe and never sees daylight. If you are guilty as charged, may I please encourage and persuade you to start enjoying them before you regret not having done so sooner?”

Take a leaf out of these stars’ book on the possibilities that brooches present.

Michelle Yeoh in Cindy Chao

Michelle Yeoh wears the Cindy Chao 2023 Black Label Masterpiece VI Lumière Feather brooch in titanium with yellow diamonds, conch pearls, sapphires, rhodolites and diamonds (Photo: Cindy Chao)

Matthew McConaughey in Cindy Chao

Matthew McConaughey wears the Cindy Chao White Label Yellow Diamond Ribbon brooch in white gold and yellow gold with a 3.34-carat yellow diamond and rubies (Photo: Cindy Chao)

Ke Huy Quan in Cartier

Ke Huy Quan wears the Cartier Tradition Chevron clip-brooches in white gold with sapphires and diamonds, from 1938 (Photo: Instagram / @cartier)

Teo Yoo in Cartier

Teo Yoo wears the Cartier Collection Tortoise brooch in white gold with emeralds, a sapphire cabochon, and diamonds (Photo: Instagram / @cartier)

Celine Song in Cartier

Celine Song wears the Cartier Collection Elephant brooch in yellow gold with a yellow sapphire and emeralds (Photo: Instagram / @cartier)

Cillian Murphy in Sauvereign

Cillian Murphy wears the Sauvereign HS14 Gem brooch in yellow gold. (Photo: Getty Images/Sauvereign)

Sterling K. Brown in Boucheron

Oscars 2024
Sterling K. Brown wears the Boucheron Barette brooch in platinum with sapphires and diamonds, from 1919 (Photo: Boucheron)

John Krasinski in Tiffany & Co

Oscars 2024
John Krasinski wears the Tiffany & Co Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Floral Arrows brooch in platinum and yellow gold with purple sapphire and diamonds (Photo: Instagram / @tiffanyandco)

Ncuti Gatwa in Tiffany & Co

Oscars 2024
Ncuti Gatwa wears the Tiffany & Co Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Four Leaves brooch in yellow gold and platinum with tanzanite and diamonds (Photo: Instagram / @tiffanyandco)

Joseph Quinn in Chaumet

Oscars 2024
Joseph Quinn wears the Chaumet Torsade de Chaumet brooch in white gold with diamonds (Photo: Chaumet)

Damson Idris in Chopard

Oscars 2024
Damson Idris wears the Chopard Haute Joaillerie brooch in white gold with diamonds (Photo: Chopard)

This story originally appeared in GRAZIA Singapore.