By Men’s Folio

Bvlgari Dazzles with its LVMH Watch Week 2023 Novelties

Roman delight

Carats upon carats of precious stones emanating shades of technicolour form a dazzling spectacle, celebrating life’s most precious moments. Aesthetic codes are elevated to the highest, bordering on masterpiece statuses that are anything but foreign to Bvlgari. The Roman jeweller demonstrates its mastery and virtuosity in high jewellery watchmaking as the maiden novelties for 2023 follow the thematic “Time Is a Jewel” offering. A common thread connects the LVMH Watch Week 2023 novelties — not a single men’s watch appeared as Bvlgari executives confirmed the presentation is focused on women’s offerings while the following presentation is (primarily) reserved for men’s timepieces.

Bvlgari’s LVMH Watch Week 2023 novelties are broadly categorised into three families of the Diva’s Dream, Serpenti and Allegra (not covered here). Emblematic creations from each collection demonstrate the evolution of Bvlgari’s creative vocabulary that marries heritage with contemporary influences. A glance through Bvlgari’s historical richness highlights the immense knowledge passed on from generation to generation. Yet, even after centuries and decades have passed, every new creation is a sight to behold, especially when the finest precious stones are encrusted in them.

The Bvlgari Diva’s Dream Mosaica is undoubtedly the crème de la crème, or as the Italians put it, il meglio del meglio of the lot. Dazzling, splendid, opulent — the superlatives go on, yet one is lost for words when the Bvlgari Diva’s Dream Mosaica greets you. It is over the top, intentional as one would expect, as Bvlgari’s idea of a full pavé watch realises itself as a celebration of the iconic Baths of Caracalla.

Fan-shaped motifs line the watch dial, each home to snow-set diamonds and sapphires. A resplendent transition of sky blue to deep azure sapphires is a testament to the craftsmen and -women’s acute sensitivity to a precious stone’s colour and inclusion. The spectacle extends to the bracelet, with a free-flowing diamond-encrusted bracelet that wraps a wrist effortlessly.

Bvlgari’s Diva’s Dream goes from the Baths to nature as the Roman art of living is inspired by an abstract interpretation of ginkgo leaf shapes revolving around coloured stones. Alternating rose gold fan-shaped petals, topazes and tanzanites are set on a spring-loaded base that quivers with the arm’s motion, reminiscent of leaves fluttering in the breeze.

A symbol of perpetual rebirth, wisdom and vitality, Bvlgari’s fascination with the snake (serpenti in Italian) began in 1948. The lore of Bvlgari’s mythical snake continues to enchant in 2023 as the maison follows up on the 2022 Bvlgari Serpenti Misteriosi with the Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Infinity. The latest metamorphosis lulls with its alluring silhouette and diamond-crusted guise stretching from head to tail.

A new modular construction calls for a painstaking process that involves moulding, polishing, gem-setting and assembling each body piece on a titanium blade. The resulting sensuous curves coil around the wrist of whoever dares to wield its bold presence, be it in a single- or double-tour form.

Those seeking a discreet take on the Serpenti will be thrilled by a pair of Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori presented in either stainless steel or half-gold execution. The duo is characterised by a deep black lacquered dial oozing sophistication while the hexagonal scaglie (scale) bracelet links slither seductively as its wraps the wrist with its sultry curves.