Discovering the Mysteries of a Faraway Land with Yukimoto

Taking the exit to Eden.

Taking the road less travelled is daunting. In some cases, it’s even best left behind, but sometimes it pays off in spades. Homegrown jewellery brand Yukimoto seems to have a good grasp of the concept. Its psychedelic A Yard by the Other Name collection, for instance, is an invitation to explore foreign territories with the promise of a spectacular display of nature.

Journeying to an unexplored countryside in England, the collection picks up the glorious hues of the untouched yard it stumbles upon and expresses them through lively gemstones including amethysts, jadeite, pearls, and rock crystals. They are the centrepieces of the handmade 14k gold-filled jewellery creations, from earrings and bracelets to necklaces.

“My vision is to merge the healing properties of natural stones with the world of fashion, offering a unique and confident lifestyle,” says founder and jewellery creator Michele Ong. “Collaborating with skilled craftsmen from Japan and Malaysia, who boast over 10 years of experience, we handcraft each piece of jewellery with utmost dedication,” she adds.

Established in 2018, Yukimoto is a symbol of Ong’s unwavering passion for fashion as well as gemstones. Her interest in the latter, especially, stemmed from a deeply personal experience. Gifted a super seven bracelet by her mother, an avid believer of the power of crystals, Ong who was in a career rut then, felt a spark within herself that pushed her to embrace her curiosities.

Ong now wishes to share the gift with others. Hoping to help them live confidently, the Penangite has searched far and wide for unique, quality gemstones to create classic pieces that stand the test of time. This results in the sourcing of exquisite power stones from countries like Brazil, Canada, India, Myanmar, Thailand, the United States, and more.