Wherever the Wind Blows: Niessing Parades Excellent Designs and Exceptional Craftsmanship

The German jewellery house takes us on a journey through time.

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There is no denying that Niessing is one of the most influential jewellers in the world. With over 150 years of experience, the German luxury house stands tall with its design philosophy, where innovation becomes the bedrock of every creation. Niessing’s consistency in pushing the boundaries in the world of jewellery-making has resulted in more than a handful of award-winning designs. Crafted using precious materials such as gold, platinum, and diamonds—all handcrafted in Germany using the finest manufacturing techniques—these collections are the hallmarks of Niessing’s excellence.


A singular diamond suspends in the air—time stands still and so does the train of thought. Niessing’s Spannring® is a marvel of jewellery making. Introduced in 1979, the design icon parades the best of German jewellery artistry and Bauhaus minimalism. Its ability to hold a precious solitaire sans setting, solely by the tension of the metal band on both sides, is a testament to the jeweller’s unceasing perseverance in pursuit of the ideal proportions as well as the perfect balance between strength and gracefulness. It is a poignant reminder for modern-day women to sparkle even in the moment of tension.


Like the autumn leaves swirling under the golden sun, the Mirage collection stimulates the senses with its mesmerising play of illusions. Its intersecting strips of precious gold metal create a sensual silhouette that allows perspectives to alter reality as light hits the different facets of the jewellery. After all, the Mirage draws inspiration from the inherent relationship between light and shadow. An awe-inspiring dance of dynamics is all but assured when set against the skin, even when it’s met with a slight movement. This unique creation is a vision of weightlessness that shimmers, creating an extraordinary experience for the wearer.

Topia Vision

Imagination certainly ran free when it comes to the creation of Topia Vision. Glistening gloriously upon wearing, akin to a gossamer soap bubble under the ambient light, the collection boasts a web of gold made up of dainty triangular patterns. It is fine yet expressive, generous in proportion and yet shrouded in mystery. Its dramatic and rippling outer contours, in particular, embolden the mind to venture into uncharted territories. No matter what the configuration that your heart desires, the award-winning Topia Vision collection aims to embrace your body and accentuate it—the neck, the wrist, the ears, or the finger.


What has been will be again; it’s the circle of life. The spirited Roseum emulates the philosophy to an acute degree with the overlapping gold loops conjuring abstract images of the romantic and dreamy rose. Easy on the eye and smooth to the touch, the collection’s visual aesthetic is elevated by brilliant diamonds. The pieces here also showcase Niessing’s design ingenuity. The clasp on the necklace and bracelet, for instance, is secure and easy to handle. And while the Roseum is brimming with ornaments of delicate circles, the brand’s supreme engineering ensures that each creation will stand the test of time.

Experience Niessing’s jewellery for yourself at their store in Seibu, The Exchange TRX.

Photography: Chuan Looi / Yipieyaya Studio
Creative Direction: PohNee Chin & Sarah Chong
Hair: Ckay Liow
Makeup: KF Bong
Art Direction: Shane Rohaizad
Photography Assistant: Richy Chye, David Ong, Peter Wong
Model: Jisu Kim / Wu Models