By Karmun Ng

Tina Winness On Creating Jewels From The Heart

Pick from a ready-to-wear line of precious pieces or create your jewel from start to finish, each perfected with the Tina Winness touch.

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Pick from a ready-to-wear line of precious pieces or create your jewel from start to finish, each perfected with the Tina Winness touch.

If jewellery were a language, Tina Winness speaks it with beauty, hope and love, a true song that is sung from the heart. More than just jewels to adorn oneself with, the eponymous designer creates fine and bespoke pieces for everyone with possibilities in design that are limited only by one’s loftiest imagination.

Engagement diamond rings and wedding bands sit in similar sparkling pride with fine jewellery pieces made for everyday wear as well as custom jewels for grander occasions. Pick from a ready-to-wear line of precious pieces or create your own special jewel from start to finish under the guidance and quality control of Tina Winness herself–the jewellery world is your oyster for a piece that is completely yours.

Behind the name is a designer who puts quality of materials and timelessness of design above everything else. A Fine Arts graduate with over 24 years of experience in the jewellery industry, Tina Winness has helped to push modern jewellery- making techniques and design processes to the forefront of the local jewellery industry. Now, she eyes the world with collections that reflect that ambition.

Her passion also sees her lending her skill as a Jewellery Design lecturer at Raffles College of Higher Education, all hoping to guide and inspire the next generation of jewellery designers.

“Jewellery is a language that speaks of beauty, hope, love and other qualities of the heart,” she says. “I believe that if we are drawn to a work of art, it is because it reflects something we are looking for in our own lives. By combining the qualities of light with the properties of metals and gemstones and other materials, jewellery reflects these emotions within me, and I hope that they speak to you as they do to me.”

The most precious of metals come together with the most refined stones for pieces that shine with the Tina Winness touch. Diamonds come with their own GIA certificates for complete traceability and full transparency on what you wear.

Necklaces and pendants are designed in store-exclusive tales of love, as seen with the Heart to Heart Collection, while bracelets glimmer in quiet elegance with timeless simplicity made for wearers of all ages. Rings burst forth with colours of the rainbow to match a myriad of personalities.

Fine jewellery offers more demure styles, also across necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and more. Select your new favourites from featured collections like Carnevale di Venezia and Blued Gold, or custom make your very own with the Tina Winness team. Assistance is on hand from start to finish, beginning from stone selection to design to the materialization of your dream pieces.

Never mass-produced, only thoughtfully and conscientiously designed–that’s the Tina Winness promise. Tina Winness approach to design has also won her recognition at an International Design Award.

Whether you’re looking for the ring to start your happily ever after, the necklace for a new chapter in life or the bracelet to commemorate a special coming of age, look no further than Tina Winness to start your jewellery journey. It will guide you every step of the way to creating the piece of your dreams.

A simple online process is available for initial stages, launched through a user-friendly interactive guide. Once you’re more confident, schedule an appointment with the team in-store for a more comprehensive consultation. The team is ever at your disposal to help you create your own magic.

Let only quality materials, timeless designs and uncompromising service create that special piece that you can wear with you all day, every day, with Tina Winness.