By Frankie Jabarkhyl

The Best Vanilla Scents to Channel Your #Vanillagirlaesthetic

And they're anything but boring.
best vanilla perfumes
Courtesy of @caloneperfume

With over 337M searches on TikTok, the #vanillagirlaesthetic is taking the platform by storm. From cream-based colour palettes, minimalistic beauty looks and anything vanilla-scented, the Vanilla Girl loves neutral tones and – of course – a sweet vanilla smell. So, what better way to channel the trend than with a vanilla-packed perfume? In the world of fragrance, vanilla reigns as the queen of sophistication, enchanting our olfactory senses with its rich, velvety embrace. A note that has stood the test of time, it’s classic and timeless, bringing warmth, depth and a subtle sweetness to scents that’s seductive, alluring and oh-so-addictive.

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Shop GRAZIA’s edit of the best vanilla perfumes below, which – we can safely say – are far from boring. Because sometimes, being vanilla isn’t a bad thing…


kayali vanilla 28
Kayali Vanilla 28

When it comes to vanilla, not many people love it more than fragrance queen Mona Kattan. “I personally love vanilla. I can’t live without vanilla. I feel like I have to layer it with every single fragrance I wear, at all times,” she revealed about her Vanilla 28 Kayali creation. Describing it as “sweet, so sensual and so delicious,” it took 28 formulations before she found ‘the one’, and boy are we glad that she didn’t give up. Madagascan vanilla intertwines seamlessly with deeper notes of musk, amber and patchouli with a touch of brown sugar for a delicious combination whether worn alone or layered with other scents.


tom ford tobacco vanille
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

“Tobacco Vanille is opulent, warm and iconic. Reminiscent of an English Gentleman’s Club and blended with rich spices, vanilla and tobacco flower, it leaves a powerful impression,” is how Tom Ford describes his uber-decadent vanilla creation. Warm, spicy, and seriously sexy (we are talking about Mr. Ford, after all), it’s guaranteed to turn heads and have everyone asking what you’re wearing. The perfect vanilla scent to spritz on a summer’s evening long after the sun goes down.


byredo vanille antique, best vanilla perfumes
Byredo Vanille Antique

Part of the luxurious ‘Night Veils’ collection, Byredo’s Vanille Antique is inspired by the ritual of the night. “I have a completely different mindset at nightfall; it’s very distinctive emotionally. It is almost the start of another life and I wanted to do something to mark the beginning of the evening, a new nighttime ritual that would sound a gong for when this twilight life begins,” explains Founder and Creative Director, Ben Gorham. Envisioning a smoky vanilla bean charged with history and character, the unexpected sweetness of vanilla is cut with dark, warm cashmere wood and musk, whilst its ambery heart is wrapped in notes of freesia and black plum. In three words? Sweet, woody and smoky.


dior vanilla diorama
Dior Vanilla Diorama

Not one for the fainthearted, Dior’s Vanilla Diorama is a powerful vanilla perfume packed with heady notes to leave a long-lasting impression. “Vanilla is an appeal to the senses, synonymous with immediate pleasure in the collective unconscious,” explains creator François Demachy. “With Vanilla Diorama, I wanted to celebrate both this power of evocation and the nobleness of this rare raw ingredient. I wanted this trail to be a faithful portrait, for it to reveal its highly nuanced olfactory beauty and incarnate its smoothness heightened with joyful citrusy notes, along with its denser, more organic side swathed in an enveloping base. The result is the Vanilla of a perfumer, ‘true’, authentic and intense.”


Le Labo Tonka 25, best vanilla perfumes
Le Labo Tonka 25

If you’re after a new summer scent, look no further than Le Labo’s Tonka 25. Practically made for the #vanillagirlaesthetic trend with its minimalist bottle and design, it took three years in the making and is inspired by humid summers and that warm, addictive scent of heat-filled air and sun-kissed skin. Resinous woods, seeds and resins are sprinkled with layers of musk and drops of sweet vanilla, while orange flower absolute adds a gorgeous floral edge.


jo malone Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense, best vanilla perfumes
Jo Malone Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense

Transport yourself to the coast of Madagascar with Jo Malone London’s rich and delectable Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense. Conjuring up images of orchid-filled jungles and green fields of tall grass with each sumptuous spritz, it marries cool, spicy cardamom with earthy, smoky vetiver bourbon and comforting, sensual vanilla with a touch of lavender. Not too sweet and with its hint of spice and smoke, it’s one of the best vanilla perfumes to add to your fragrance collection.


AERIN Tangier Vanille, vanilla perfumes
AERIN Tangier Vanille

Or, if you’re longing to stroll through the fragrant bazaars of Morocco, Aerin’s stunning Tangier Vanille scent is just the ticket. Inspired by the mazes of narrow streets filled with a kaleidoscope of rich colours and exotic smells lingering in the air, it instantly transports you to place of magic and mystery. A floral vanilla, it’s soft, smooth and lighter than expected, with notes of Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose and amber that evoke exotic botanical gardens, majestic palaces and bustling bazaars.

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