Enter the Dragon: Lunar New Year Beauty Editions Perfect for the Collectors

We know what we're spending our angpows on.

They say when life closes one door, another opens: we are, of course, talking about the inevitable spending of your angpow money on these Chinese New Year (CNY) beauty collections. Sure, you may lose some, but you gain lots from getting your hands on these fiery-red, limited-edition pieces.

Below, we list all the gorgeous pieces inspired by this auspicious festival. Some take on more classic Lunar New Year elements, while others are inspired by the Dragon, which is this year’s zodiac animal. Either way, we think these make for some really great decorative pieces to adorn your dressing table. And if you can look good while you’re at it, we say it’s a win-win situation.

Read on to discover the CNY beauty collections that have landed on our shores.