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Elevate Your Look Behind the Frames: Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Glasses are coming back as a trendy fashion statement. Compliment your new frames with the right makeup techniques!
Learn how to wear makeup for glasses wearers.
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Who says glasses are just for improving vision? Nowadays, they’re a full-blown fashion statement. But, to truly let your personality shine through those frames, a few makeup-for-glasses adjustments are in order.

1. Rethink Your Eyeshadow Game

With glasses, your eyes are the star of the show. It’s time to shake up your glasses makeup routine with a good eyeshadow techniqueChoose colours that complement your eye colour and consider the size and shape of your eyes through the glasses. If your vision is near-sighted, go for lighter, brighter shades to give the illusion of bigger eyes. For the far-sighted folks, darker shades can help minimize the magnifying effect of your lenses. And a pro tip: steer clear of black eyeliner on your waterline. It can make your eyes appear smaller.

2. Master the Mascara

Long lashes hitting your lenses? We’ve all been there. The key is selecting a mascara that offers separation without the clumps. After all, glasses magnify every tiny mistake. You could even skip the top lashes and just coat the bottom for a wide-awake look. Or, forgo mascara altogether and curl those lashes for an instant eye-opening effect. You don’t always need a lot of makeup with glasses.

3. Powder Power

The dreaded glasses mark on your foundation can be a real party pooper. To combat this, apply a light layer of foundation where your glasses sit. A mattifying primer is your best friend here, along with a setting spray to keep everything in place. Powder formulas are less likely to smudge under your frames. Makeup for glasses is all about looking put together.

4. Let Your Lips Do the Talking

Eye makeup for glasses wearers can sometimes feel like a high-wire act. If you’re not up for the challenge, pivot to your lips. A bold, matte lipstick can turn heads and balance your look. Keep your eye makeup simple, maybe with a touch of shimmer on the lids, and let your lips steal the spotlight.

5. Blush It Right

Blush isn’t just blush when you wear glasses. It’s about adding life and warmth to your face. Small frames? Dust blush on your cheekbones for a gentle lift. Bigger, statement frames? Go for a more sculpted look by sweeping the blush from your cheekbones up to your temples. Stick to powder blushes and lock it in with a setting spray for a look that lasts all day.

Remember, makeup for glasses doesn’t just correct; it accentuates. So, whether you’re wearing glasses by choice or necessity, these makeup tips will ensure your eyes—your windows to the soul—remain unmistakably ‘you.’

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.