Sigi Skin is Everybody-Friendly, and We’re Here for It

Founder Xenia Wong says it’s so.

With a tagline like “your skin’s happy place”, how can you resist checking out this Singaporean-founded skincare brand? In recent years, locals have grown to celebrate homegrown companies, all in the name of supporting local endeavours. Now, we have arrived at a point where we can widen that scope, and for that, we turn your focus to Sigi Skin.

Just this week, Xenia officially launched her namesake brand in Malaysia. After five years of being in the skincare game, and multiple awards accorded to the products, she finally took the step to branch out to the peninsula.

If you’re a fan of all things K-beauty, then it’s time to get acquainted with Sigi Skin. Not only is it formulated at the global hotbed of skincare innovation, Xenia has also ensured that the formulations are everybody-friendly.

What does that mean? you wonder. Well, everyone can use it—even expecting and breastfeeding mothers. But that doesn’t translate to poorer efficacy. Sure, it might mean that you won’t be seeing any retinol-powered serums or iterations of chemical sunscreens, but that just means the skincare line is maximising other equally as efficacious ingredients to produce similar results.

Dedicated to delivering skincare that packs a punch, the folks over at Sigi Skin have a few advantages up their sleeves. At the launch, Xenia was emphatic about giving her customers bang for their buck. To achieve this, she eschews the use of water in the line and instead opted to load it with skin-loving extracts. Take the waterless essence mist, for instance. Perfect for our warm weather, it keeps the skin cool while calming the skin, thanks to the chamomile extract that makes up more than half of the formulation.

This waterless element applies to the Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser as well. The star ingredients here are the soothing oat extract (at almost 80%, mind you) and the polyglutamic acid, an ingredient that eclipses hyaluronic acid’s capacity to hydrate the dermatome.

Can you already sense the ‘non-abrasive’ theme that Sigi Skin has going on here? But they don’t just think of people with sensitive skin—instead, they go a step further to ensure that expecting and breastfeeding mothers can partake in all this skincare fun.

Recently, our online feeds have been flooded with content of every format that covers the benefits of retinol and how chemical SPFs are the only way to avoid the dreaded white cast of sunscreens. However, it’s widely known that retinol can cause birth defects, and chemical filters such as oxybenzone and avobenzone are possible hormone disruptors.

To address these, Sigi Skin develops the Dream Capsule Daily Overnight Sleeping Mask and the Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen. The cushiony sleeping mask was (no pun intended) a dream to apply, and it uses bakuchiol as a retinol alternative. On the other hand, their sunscreen protects the skin with a physical filter without leaving you looking like a ghost but instead leaves a pearly glow on the complexion.

Being waterless isn’t the only thing at the front of the founder’s mind. She is also all about protecting the integrity of the formula. To achieve this, she bottles the incredible skincare recipe in airless packaging so that the ingredients will retain their efficacy (if you don’t know, contact with air can oxidise and break down certain ingredients).

With carefully curated offerings, it’s safe to say that Sigi Skin is the skincare brand to look out for. After all, South Korean internet sensation Pony swears by this brand, so you might want to pick up an item or two.