By Michela Marra

Styling Tips and Techniques: The Hair Trend Dominating 2024

Discover the ins and outs of the 2024 hair trend known as colour blocking, including its defining features and styling tips.
hair colour trend

Declared by the catwalks of recent fashion weeks and flaunted by stars on many red carpets, colour blocking is back.

Boldly juxtapose vibrant and contrasting colours in solid bi-colour and multicolour blocks for a crazy wow effect: it’s called colour blocking, and it’s the technique (or rather, the techniques) is designed for those who love an authentic, creative, and fun hair look, a spokesperson for uniqueness and individual expression.

“It originated in the 1990s,” says Vincenzo Panico, director of Wella Italia Styling and creative director of Sebastian Professional Italia, “but compared to the past, today up to four different colours are combined, thus transforming the concept of colour blocking into a macroscopic nuance.”

The result? Colours are often easier to wear, thanks in part to new techniques developed by the best salons. An example is Color Block by Wella Professionals, which comes in various forms for the hair: it enhances the contrast with the natural base, plays on areas of light and shadow, accentuates the face contour, and emphasizes natural volume with a palette ranging from cool blondes to browns, touching on pastels for a creative and never predictable twist.

Let’s take a look at some proposals from Wella and Framesi to choose your favourite.

Chunky Highlights

Through a mix of lightening and colour, this technique allows you to achieve the desired contrast by creating unique colour looks with lightening on wider blocks of strands. This variation is also perfect for illuminating all hair types with long-lasting results.

hair colour trend



Colour Blocking on Curly Hair




Colour Blocking with Geometric Brushstrokes and Strong Contrasts

Ideal for those who don’t like half measures and want a super catchy hairstyle. Look by Framesi.



Black & White

hair colour trend

Blonde Variations

hair colour trend
hair colour trend
hair colour trend
hair colour trend
hair colour trend

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.