Beauty Diary: Here’s How Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery Deals with Dry, Sensitised Skin

The review is in, and it's glowing.

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When planning out your beauty treatments, don’t sleep on Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery, located in the trust neighbourhood of Old Klang Road. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned beauty connoisseur or a newbie planning to venture into this world of aesthetic maintenance—the professional beauticians here will walk you through every step of the way.

Leading the pack is none other than Rimacs Tan, founder of the facial centre. With over two decades of experience in the realm of beauty, Tan is proud of his work at Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery. He has successfully imported luxury beauty services that were once only available abroad. As a result, Malaysian beauty lovers do not need to plan out an entire itinerary to experience such opulence, because it’s just one visit to Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery away. Aside from that, he is also passionate about educating a whole new generation of beauticians with his holistic approach.

Our Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery review:

Upon entry into the spa, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a cup of your preferred beverage. The first order of business is to have you settled into the evaluation process, where you and the attending beautician will discuss your goals, skin condition, and the available options that align with your request. This is not the in-and-out joint for anyone who’s rushing—instead, they take the time to go the extra mile. With the conversation had you will be ushered into a treatment room, where the beauticians will give you a thorough cleansing.

As I arrived with sunscreen and a light layer of makeup on, it called for a double cleansing regimen. Between the non-irritating cleansing formula and the facial massage, you would think that the beauty service is well underway, but not quite yet. The following step is a digital evaluation, where the beauticians use a special camera to capture the landscape of your skin’s condition—including what’s going on under the surface. After my recent seaside trip and the lunchtime walks under the sun, the lens picked up early signs of sun damage. It was then that the beautician concluded that I could benefit best from Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery’s Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) facial service.

Back in the treatment room, they briefed me about the service, the level of pain I should expect—which was practically none, I found out as the service progressed—and the outcome I would experience. Seeing as I was struggling with uneven skin tone and slightly dry and sensitised skin, the DPL facial is equipped to address that, and then some.

After applying a layer of numbing cream, the treatment began. For the next hour, the beautician expertly went about the regions of my face, targeting pesky pigmentation. The pain? I would put it at a two on a scale of one to ten.

The beautician sealed the deal with a layer of sunscreen. I was advised to try and stay on the more hydrated side of things in my skincare routine for the coming week, and I should see skin that’s more supple and radiant. Sunscreen was also advised for post-treatment care, as with poor sunscreen etiquette, the skin could incur some damage as it’s in a fragile state.

I walked out of Ultimate Aesthetics Gallery pleased with the overall effects, and after following the regimen suggested by the beautician, I did indeed reap the benefits of the DPL facial.