This Season’s Hottest Hairstyle: The Wavy Bob With Bangs

Wob Chic: Effortless Elegance with Wavy Bobs and Trendy Bangs.

Mid-length styles are having a golden season. Here are the best wavy bob cuts with bangs to show your hairstylist.

Also known as the “wob,” the wavy bob is one of the most beloved haircuts of all time. Low maintenance, versatile, and full of character, it suits various face shapes.

The autumn 2023 trend pairs it with bangs: here are some selected proposals for you, with some tips on how to find the right hair cut for you.

Long Bob with Long Bangs

The wavy bob in its long version is beautiful when paired with an equally long fringe. To choose the right length, the suggestion is always to consider the face shape, the desired finish, and the ease or difficulty of managing it at home.

The long fringe has a great advantage: it allows us to change the finish and can be worn soft and wavy or straight. The trend is to keep it slightly longer on the sides.


French Bob with Full Bangs

On the opposite side of the long bob is the French bob, a shorter bob with a Parisian allure.

The long and full fringe is ideal when paired with a slightly shorter bob, while if we’re talking about a very short bob, it’s better to opt for a shorter fringe to create harmony on the face.


Wavy Bob with Layered Bangs

On the slightly wavy and layered bob, the best fringe is long but layered and uneven. The result is a decidedly cool cut!


Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are created with a particular technique called parallel cutting, which allows lightening the fringe internally without changing the shape. This type of fringe adapts well to slightly wavy medium-length cuts, easy to manage.


Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

When the fringe is long, it can transform into a side-swept bang that covers only part of the forehead. Elevate your elegance with a chic accessory.


This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.