By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes for April 1–7: Mercury Retrograde Is on the Horizon

Whatever you do, think before you open your mouth this week, warns astrologer Emma Vidgen. Read your weekly horoscopes now.
Horoscopes April
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The plot thickens this week as Mercury goes retrograde (Tuesday AEST and GMT), adding a spicy side of ‘speak-before-you-think energy’ to the mix. While the mood is already feeling heightened (thank eclipse season) this week the mood kicks up a gear. As the shadow of the last eclipse continues to point towards major endings– especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn sun and rising folks – a haziness could make it hard to see the wood for the trees. Building on last week’s “watch and wait” strategy, this week, playing your cards close to your chest will keep you out of mischief. There will be mishaps, but you can minimise your involvement by keeping a low profile and expelling your frustrations behind closed doors.


You’re never backwards in coming forward but you could find yourself in hot water this week if you’re not careful with how you phrase things. It’s not a reason to panic, but definitely a cosmic reminder to reflect on the power of words. It’s not so much what you’re saying but how you say it. If you’re tempted to fire off an angry email consider sleeping on it before you press send.


While Mercury retrogrades in fiery Aries, you could find yourself struggling to relax this week. But relax you must, and never has there been a time to pay greater attention to the sky’s road signs clearly ordering Taurean people to  “Take It Slow”. Break with the mood (which could feel, kinda shouty) and let the office Karen squawk herself into a flap. Do not engage. You do not need to be drawn into the drama.


Oh no she didn’t! The skies are primed for foot-in-mouth of the highest order this week. Staying out of it won’t be easy. Your best course of action is to act as a calmer of nerves. When friends feel attacked, remind them (gently) it’s possible, they took things the wrong way. Lean into your Gemini magic (read: seeing both sides of the argument) to help stop things from going completely atomic within your friendship circle, or even at your work


As annoying as it is, rehashing discussions from last week that seemed crystal clear is an occupational hazard. With Mercury retrograde bringing a hazy kind of “huh?” to your work world, it pays to check and check again before you sign off anything. It’s the sort of weather someone might resign in a blaze of glory only to resurface with their tail between their legs the next day. Be patient, be kind and if both seem too much of a stretch, save your venting for trusted confidantes…not at work.


Chances are you’re feeling an overpowering urge to book a ticket (maybe even one way) to somewhere miles from home. As much as the sky loves that for you, this is maybe not the greatest week to lock in long-haul travel plans. Eclipses plus Mercury retrograde all point to grand designs that may not shake out the way you’d hoped. So what to do? Use the itchy feet energy to research where you’ll go next… and look forward to locking it down, ideally in early May.


Hot on the heels of last week’s very illuminating lunar eclipse, the stars are setting you some very clear homework this week. Bills, loans, payment plans, mortgages, bank accounts – anything financial, and anything shared needs some serious thought. Set aside half an hour a day to call or email all your providers to see if you can get a better deal. If you’re coupled up, don’t let shared accounts be an excuse to take the backseat. Now is the time to renegotiate your terms and take the power back.


The hits keep coming this week as Mercury Retrograde brings out an uncharacteristically spicy side to your closest relationships. Even the gentlest pussycats could come across as downright feisty this week. While the directness may be difficult to swallow, there’s every chance what’s bubbling up to the surface has been brewing for quite some time. Push past the discomfort and hear them out – they want to be heard.


How long since you had a good old-fashioned checkup with your doctor? With the stars activating your health this month, finally making that appointment with your GP for a thorough once-over and some routine bloods is a very good idea. On the work front, co-workers look and feel extra feisty. Keep your head down and wfh if you can to avoid being sucked into the drama.


This week you might find yourself wondering whether information gleaned last week bears repeating. And the answer is most likely yes. No matter how clear-cut you thought a discussion was, it won’t hurt to repeat yourself one more time. Repeating yourself is annoying but operating under false pretences is far worse. Assumptions is the mother of all f*ck ups.


Tension at home kicks up a gear this week with Mercury retrograde adding to the intense energetic pile-on. Who gets to set the agenda behind closed doors could feel especially touchy. It’s literally a question of, “Who’s the boss?” And just because it’s always been one way, does that mean to say you want it to continue? You don’t need to make up your mind yet but treat the week as an exploratory stage where you consider all options.


Hold onto your tech – things might get a little buggy this week. With Mercury retrograde in the realm of your gadgets, gear and communications, this is not the week to upgrade your phone. Cross your tees, dot your Is and pay extra to back up your data. There’s too much fiery energy to take any chances.


The focus on all things financial continues this week as Mercury retrograde highlights the need for a very thorough stock take. As devastatingly dull as it may sound, this is a perfect season to pull out all your receipts and review exactly where your money is going. Sometimes knowing where things stand – even if it’s a shock – is better than the anxiety of burying your head in the sand.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.