By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes May 6–12: Embrace a Fresh Start With the New Moon

It's a 'rip-off the bandaid' kind of week, says astrologer Emma Vidgen. Read your weekly horoscopes now.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Contemplation, evolution and fresh starts are in order this week as a new moon invites you to begin again. As Mercury encourages you to tie up those final few loose ends left dangling (and possibly on fire) from Mercury retrograde (especially conversations from between 4 and 14 April), this week definitely feels like it’s time to get on with things.

Rip the band-aid off on Monday when a moon/Chiron bump offers a push of courage to speak straight to the heart of a painful matter. On Tuesday, a more relaxed vibe with Venus and the moon help smooth things over before the new moon Wednesday (AEST and GMT) asks you to get philosophical about the way you resource yourself.


With the planets illuminating everything financial in your chart, your mission this week is to reflect on how you resource yourself in the most literal sense of the word. What have you learned in the past 12 months about your relationship with money? What has the past year taught you about what you truly value? Use these questions to help unpack what and where you should be looking for inspiration ahead of the new moon (Wednesday AEST and GMT) to put some new money goals in place.


A little bit of solitude and silence will do you good at the start of the week as we glide towards a new moon (Wednesday AEST and GMT). Use the dark moon phase to take stock of conversations that went awry in April, and consider what you want to call in over the next 12 months. As the new moon presents questions over how you cope with instability – especially in areas where you yearn for steadiness – your mission is to glean what the last year has taught you about going with the flow.


As juicy and delightful as this week’s new moon is for disconnecting and going deep with any sort of esoteric or spiritual practice, in reality you’ll probably find yourself rather preoccupied sorting through the aftermath of the past month or so. With your ruling planet completing its final pass-over issues that went awry during the retrograde (especially between 4 and 14 April), finding a way forward will take up a considerable amount of energy. With Mars now co-present in Aries, you might find cutting to the chase a little bit easier, and probably exactly what is needed after months of back and forth.


Loving this week for you! Not only is the dumpster fire that’s been unfolding at work finally reaching some sort of resolution (spoiler alert: it may need to be blown up rather than put out), but you’re also getting a very loud directive from the planets to have more fun. While your ruling planet moves through Taurus (Tuesday through to Thursday AEST; Monday to Wednesday GMT) lean into all the simple things that bring you pleasure. On Wednesday, the new moon invites you to set a goal or make a wish around finding a deeper sense of joy through social connections. This is your chance to say “yes” to that friend set-up, join a book club or sign up for Park Run.


Just say yes! This week, the stars are clear – when opportunity comes knocking, and it very well may, just say yes. With Mars and Mercury cleaning up the aftermath of Mercury retrograde, the focus is firmly on you (delightful!), and the filter is very good. The flavour of this attention could be work related, or through some other illustrious sort of introduction. If someone offers you the chance to try something new/exciting/unexpected, don’t let it pass you by. The moves you make have the potential to path a shiny new path out in the world.


If you’ve been struggling to find the resolve or courage to get on with things – especially big cash-related decisions, consider this your week to make a break. After the flip-flop of Mercury retrograde churned up a lot of drama around money, figuring which way is up has been almost impossible. But now with Mars now firmly in your sphere of shared resources, there’s no more beating around the bush. Now is the time to make a decision and move forward. The new moon (Wednesday) gives you the impetus to dream of new beginnings elevated by travel, nature and the things that bring you joy. Let yourself believe it could be that simple.


As “robust” conversations with your most cherished people continue, things could get a little spicy this week. The good news is, that spiciness spikes early on (Monday/Tuesday AEST, Monday GMT). By Wednesday things look a little less acerbic, as a new moon in Taurus asks you to ponder how and what you’re prepared to share. Cast your mind back over the past 12 months to think about how you’ve navigated anything to do with money or shared energy. This lunation is your chance to get clear on how you want things to work moving forward, the key is to use the toughest moments to inspire your next steps.


There’s a lot to like about this week with a sensuous new moon (Wednesday AEST and GMT) turning up the volume on your most important relationships. The past 12 months have been a time for massive growth, and this week you’re being asked to reflect on what you’ve learned – both good and bad – about the people you spend the most time with (hot tip: it’s not necessarily about your partner). What do you want? What do you need? What do you value from your closest bonds? Get clear on what you want, and make it known. With Mercury and Mars still in Aries, being direct will be easier than usual.


This week you’re on notice to do one of your favourite things: zoom out. With the new moon highlighting Jupiter’s time in Taurus, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to consider what you’ve learned about the way you work. Not the lofty, “when I grow up” kind of work questions, but more the day-to-day “putting food on the table” (or rosé in the glass), as the case may be. You’re getting a shot to start over and do things differently; better, steadier, more grounded when it comes to your work. But without taking in the lessons you’ve been mastering, it’s all for nought. So give yourself time to go forth and ponder before you decide what’s next.


Resolution, action, momentum! It’s like a Marvel movie happening with Mars now firmly in position, coming up behind Mercury with a big, red-hot poker helping to sort out the calamities that ensued in April. The MO might not be your first choice (fast, furious maybe a tad harried) but at least things are moving forward! In other news, the new moon on Wednesday (AEST and GMT) is a luscious, sensual moment to indulge the senses and consider how you can integrate more nice things – good food, good sex, good company – just for the sake of it. You deserve to have a good time just as much as the rest of the zodiac. What happens when you start to prioritise what feels good on a daily basis? Food for thought for the week ahead…


Good vibes incoming! The tides continue to turn and things are looking up, especially for Aquarians feeling strained at home or with family. As the little spot fires that have continued to pop up the past month either blow up or peter out entirely, there’s a comfort in knowing where you stand. Meanwhile, the new moon (Wednesday AEST and GMT) gives you planetary permission to do what you do best: ponder. Yep, it’s time to think about how the past 12 months have shaken out for you, especially around home, and family. What’s worked? What’s not? And how do you want to move forward? Now is the chance to set new goals and plant new seeds around how you want things to grow.


There are shoots of promise emerging from the earth this week– as Taurus season delivers a window of reset energy. Moving on, moving forward and putting things down to experience is the name of the game, as the energy asks you to reflect on the year that was, and then focus firmly on the future. Integrating the struggles with the triumphs and returning to the question of how you resource yourself, so you can be there for other people. It’s a cliché but it’s true: you can’t pour from an empty cup. Make this week about finding a slower rhythm that serves your creativity and making it part of your everyday world.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.